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Arts Undergraduate Research Event

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 - Leacock 232 (4:30PM)

On January 14, 2015 we celebrate the contributions of undergraduate students to research within the Faculty of Arts at McGill.The Arts Undergraduate Research Event features presentations and exhibits by students who were involved in independent or supervised research projects or who received an Arts Research Internship Award (ARIA) in Summer 2014

Opening remarks by Principal Suzanne Fortier.

Guest speakers: Professor Will Straw and Professor Rex Brynen.

Best poster award 2015: Geneviève Mercier-Dalphond, "Religious Studies in Asia: Numen Special Issue (proposed as 62.1)"

Poster Showcase:

Louisa Bielig, Linguistics
"Posession in Tzotzil Mayan" Louisa Bielig [.pdf]
Prof. Jessica Croon, Linguistics

Caroline Boreham, Honors English
"Late Victorian Social Realism and Editorial Strategies" Caroline Boreham [.pdf]
Prof. Tabitha Sparks, English

Francesca Bucchi, Political Science and History
"Educational Globalization and Cultural Diplomacy: Italian Schools in Smyrna and Alexandria 1890-1930" Francesca Bucchi [.pdf]
Prof. Tassos Anastassiadis, History and Classical Studies

Katherine Cashman, Geography and Anthropology
"Spices Along the Commodity Chain: Cooking up a Threat in Hanoi" Katherine Cashman [.pdf]
Prof. Sarah Turner, Geography

Rosine Faucher, Political Science
"UNESCO Chair Dialogues on Sustainability: Sustainable Canada Initiatives (Environmental Canadian Policy)" Rosine Faucher [.pdf]
Prof. Richard Schultz, Political Science

Alexandra Ghelerter, Honors Psychology
"Intimacy and the Development of Relationship Identification" Alexandra Ghelerter [.pdf]
Prof. John Lydon, Psychology

Alexis Giannelia, Joint Honors Psychology and International Development Studies
"Loaded Images: Media Polarization in Latin America" Alexis Giannelia [.pdf]
Prof. Manuel Balán, Political Science

Katie Gilfilan, International Development Studies
"Policy Advocacy Infrastructures Made Visible" Katie Gilfilan [.pdf]
Prof. Becky Letz, Art History and Communication Studies

Jacob Greenspon, Political Science and Economics
"The Independence of Regulatory Agencies: A Concept in Search of a Meaning" Jacob Greenspon [.pdf]
Prof. Richard Schultz, Political Science

Samuel Gregory, Economics
"Pattern Recognition Methods for Identification of Submarkets of the Market for Fine Art, with Reference to Seventeenth Century French Painters" Samuel Gregory [.pdf]
Prof. John Gailbraith, Economics

Vivian Gu, Honors Psychology
"The Relationship between Maternal Health and Child Social Cognitive Development" Vivian Gu [.pdf]
Prof. Phyllis Zelkowitz, Psychiatry

Katrina Hannah, History and Anthropology
"Archeological and Historical Perspectives on the Kitan/Liao pd. (ca. 3rd - 13th C)" Katrina Hannah [.pdf]
Prof. Gwen Bennett, Anthropology

Disha Jani, History
"The League Against Imperialism: Pre-war and Post-war Networks" Disha Jani [.pdf]
Prof. Lorenz Lüthi, History

Fedor Karmanov, English
"Digging into Data - Global Currents: Cultures of Literary Networks, 1050-1900" Fedor Karmanov [.pdf]
Prof. Andrew Piper, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Thomas Khullar, Honors Psychology
"Size Matters: The Power of Environments on Group Dynamics" Thomas Khullar [.pdf]
Prof. Donald Taylor, Psychology

Kimberly Carrière, Psychology
"Mindfulness Mediation Program" Kimberly Carriere [.pdf]
Prof. Bärbel Knäuper, Psychology

Lauren Konken, Political Science and History
"Words Matter: How the Wording of Verdicts Affects International Legal Outcomes" Lauren Konken [.pdf]
Prof. Krzysztof Pelc, Political Science

Bronwyn Lira Dyson, History
"Mapping Post-Mining Landscape Change in the Neotropics" Bronwyn Lira Dyson [.pdf]
Prof. Davidken Studnicki-Gizbert, History

Geneviève Mercier-Dalphond, International Development Studies
"Religious Studies in Asia: Numen Special Issue (proposed as 62.1)" Genevieve Mercier-Dalphond [.pdf]
Prof. Andrea Marion Pinkney, Religious Studies

Bradley Miller
"Axiomatic Characterizations of Analogies" Bradley Miller [.pdf]
Prof. Dirk Schlimm, Philosophy

Frieder Mitsch, Political Science
"Creative Constitutional Artisanship" Frieder Mitsch [.pdf]
Prof. Filippo Sabetti, Political Science

Jennifer Mueller, Art History and International Development Studies
"The Letter of Dr. Charles Burney 1784-1814" Jennifer Mueller [.pdf]
Prof. Peter Sabor, English

Nguyen Nhat-Tan, International Development Studies
"Scouting and Guiding for Sustainable Development Agenda" Nguyen Nhat-Tan [.pdf]
Prof. Claudia Mitchell, Institute for the Study of International Development/Faculty of Education

Mark Ouliaris, Economics
"Economic Experiments on Social Preferences" Mark Ouliaris [.pdf]
Prof. Francisco Alvarez-Cuadrado, Economics

Genevieve Plante, Political Science
"Civic Engagement, Participation and Social Capital in Comparative Perspective" Genevieve Plante [.pdf]
Prof. Dietlind Stolle, Political Science

Benjamin Poirier, Honors English
"Against the Flow: The Politics of the Line 9 Reversal" Benjamin Poirier [.pdf]
Prof. Darin Barney, Art History and Communication Studies

Ariane Poisson, Honors Philosophy
"Varieties of Notations of Symbolic Logic" Ariane Poisson [.pdf]
Prof. Dirk Schlimm, Philosophy

Youcef Rahmani, Joint Honors Philosophy and Middle Eastern Studies
"Oikonomia/Tadbir/Management: Towards a Geneology of Government in Modern Iran" Youcef Rahmani [.pdf]
Prof. Setrag Manoukian, Islamic Studies

Nicole Sawin, International Development Studies and Sociology
"Children Affected by War" Nicole Sawin [.pdf]
Prof. Myriam Denov, School of Social Work

Myra Sivaloganathan, Philosophy and Religion
"Performative Divorce: Indian Jurisprudence of Unilateral Divorce" Myra Sivaloganathan [.pdf]
Prof. Katherine Lemons, Anthropology

Jessica Stallone, Sociology
"Dyadic Ambivalence in Late Life Relationships" Jessica Stallone [.pdf]
Prof. Aniruddha Das, Sociology

Sarah Swiderski, History and English
"A History of the McGill Visual Arts Collection"
Senior Advisor Gwendolyn Owens, McGill Visual Arts Collection

Constantine Valettas, Political Science and History
"The Diffusion of Lawyerization of Foreign Policy-Making" Constantine Valettas [.pdf]
Prof. Fernando Nunez-Mietz, Political Science

Chantelle Van Wiltenburg, English
"Judging Copyright: Legal Pressures and Literary Activity in Canada" Chantelle Van Wilternburg [.pdf]
Prof. Eli MacLaren, English

Tudor Vrinceanu, Psychology
"The Effects of Blood-Drawn Stimuli on the Vasovagal Response" Tudor Vrinceanu [.pdf]
Prof. Blaine Ditto, Psychology

Vivienne Walz, Cognitive Science
"Médiateurs de la relation entre la violence sexuelle à l'endroit des enfants (VSEE) et le dysfonctionnement des relations intimes" Vivienne Walz [.pdf]
Prof. Heather MacIntosh, School of Social Work

Erin Yanota, English
"Stories Cookbooks Tell" Erin Yanota [.pdf]
Prof. Nathalie Cooke, English

Bora Yongacoglu, Honors English
"Game Theoretic Models of Cooperation and Conflict in Political Bargaining" Bora Yongacoglu [.pdf]
Prof. Rohan Dutta, Economics

Julia Yu, Psychology
"Serial Order Memory in Rats" Julia Yu [.pdf]
Prof. Michael Petrides, Psychology

Tianyu Zhang, Philosophy
"China Historical Archeological Database" Tianyu Zhang [.pdf]
Prof. Jeffrey Moser, East Asian Studies

Tiger Zheng, Honors Philosophy
"Signal, Safety and Success: An Analysis of Risk, Benefit and Translation after Detection of Clinical Activity in Drug Development" Tiger Zheng [.pdf]
Prof. Jonathan Kimmelman, Biomedical Ethics Unit