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Arts Undergraduate Research Event

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 - Leacock 232 (4:30PM)

On January 14, 2015 we celebrate the contributions of undergraduate students to research within the Faculty of Arts at McGill. The Arts Undergraduate Research Event features multimedia presentations from students and a research poster showcase. Participating students include summer 2014 ARIA (Arts Research Internship Awards) recipients.

Opening remarks by Principal Suzanne Fortier & Dean of Arts Christopher P. Manfredi.

Poster Showcase:

Louisa Bielig, Linguistics
"Posession in Tzotzil Mayan" Louisa Bielig [.pdf]
Prof. Jessica Croon, Linguistics

Caroline Boreham, Honors English
"Late Victorian Social Realism and Editorial Strategies" Caroline Boreham [.pdf]
Prof. Tabitha Sparks, English

Francesca Bucchi, Political Science and History
"Educational Globalization and Cultural Diplomacy: Italian Schools in Smyrna and Alexandria 1890-1930" Francesca Bucchi [.pdf]
Prof. Tassos Anastassiadis, History and Classical Studies

Katherine Cashman, Geography and Anthropology
"Spices Along the Commodity Chain: Cooking up a Threat in Hanoi" Katherine Cashman [.pdf]
Prof. Sarah Turner, Geography

Rosine Faucher, Political Science
"UNESCO Chair Dialogues on Sustainability: Sustainable Canada Initiatives (Environmental Canadian Policy)" Rosine Faucher [.pdf]
Prof. Richard Schultz, Political Science

Alexandra Ghelerter, Honors Psychology
"Intimacy and the Development of Relationship Identification" Alexandra Ghelerter [.pdf]
Prof. John Lydon, Psychology

Alexis Giannelia, Joint Honors Psychology and International Development Studies
"Loaded Images: Media Polarization in Latin America" Alexis Giannelia [.pdf]
Prof. Manuel Balán, Political Science

Katie Gilfilan, International Development Studies
"Policy Advocacy Infrastructures Made Visible" Katie Gilfilan [.pdf]
Prof. Becky Letz, Art History and Communication Studies

Jacob Greenspon, Political Science and Economics
"The Independence of Regulatory Agencies: A Concept in Search of a Meaning" Jacob Greenspon [.pdf]
Prof. Richard Schultz, Political Science

Samuel Gregory, Economics
"Pattern Recognition Methods for Identification of Submarkets of the Market for Fine Art, with Reference to Seventeenth Century French Painters" Samuel Gregory [.pdf]
Prof. John Gailbraith, Economics

Vivian Gu, Honors Psychology
"The Relationship between Maternal Health and Child Social Cognitive Development" Vivian Gu [.pdf]
Prof. Phyllis Zelkowitz, Psychiatry

Katrina Hannah, History and Anthropology
"Archeological and Historical Perspectives on the Kitan/Liao pd. (ca. 3rd - 13th C)" Katrina Hannah [.pdf]
Prof. Gwen Bennett, Anthropology

Disha Jani, History
"The League Against Imperialism: Pre-war and Post-war Networks" Disha Jani [.pdf]
Prof. Lorenz Lüthi, History

Fedor Karmanov, English
"Digging into Data - Global Currents: Cultures of Literary Networks, 1050-1900" Fedor Karmanov [.pdf]
Prof. Andrew Piper, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Thomas Khullar, Honors Psychology
"Size Matters: The Power of Environments on Group Dynamics" Thomas Khullar [.pdf]
Prof. Donald Taylor, Psychology

Kimberly Carrière, Psychology
"Mindfulness Mediation Program" Kimberly Carriere [.pdf]
Prof. Bärbel Knäuper, Psychology

Lauren Konken, Political Science and History
"Words Matter: How the Wording of Verdicts Affects International Legal Outcomes" Lauren Konken [.pdf]
Prof. Krzysztof Pelc, Political Science

Bronwyn Lira Dyson, History
"Mapping Post-Mining Landscape Change in the Neotropics" Bronwyn Lira Dyson [.pdf]
Prof. Davidken Studnicki-Gizbert, History

Geneviève Mercier-Dalphond, International Development Studies
"Religious Studies in Asia: Numen Special Issue (proposed as 62.1)" Genevieve Mercier-Dalphond [.pdf]
Prof. Andrea Marion Pinkney, Religious Studies

Bradley Miller
"Axiomatic Characterizations of Analogies" Bradley Miller [.pdf]
Prof. Dirk Schlimm, Philosophy

Frieder Mitsch, Political Science
"Creative Constitutional Artisanship" Frieder Mitsch [.pdf]
Prof. Filippo Sabetti, Political Science

Jennifer Mueller, Art History and International Development Studies
"The Letter of Dr. Charles Burney 1784-1814" Jennifer Mueller [.pdf]
Prof. Peter Sabor, English

Nguyen Nhat-Tan, International Development Studies
"Scouting and Guiding for Sustainable Development Agenda" Nguyen Nhat-Tan [.pdf]
Prof. Claudia Mitchell, Institute for the Study of International Development/Faculty of Education

Mark Ouliaris, Economics
"Economic Experiments on Social Preferences" Mark Ouliaris [.pdf]
Prof. Francisco Alvarez-Cuadrado, Economics

Genevieve Plante, Political Science
"Civic Engagement, Participation and Social Capital in Comparative Perspective" Genevieve Plante [.pdf]
Prof. Dietlind Stolle, Political Science

Benjamin Poirier, Honors English
"Against the Flow: The Politics of the Line 9 Reversal" Benjamin Poirier [.pdf]
Prof. Darin Barney, Art History and Communication Studies

Ariane Poisson, Honors Philosophy
"Varieties of Notations of Symbolic Logic" Ariane Poisson [.pdf]
Prof. Dirk Schlimm, Philosophy

Youcef Rahmani, Joint Honors Philosophy and Middle Eastern Studies
"Oikonomia/Tadbir/Management: Towards a Geneology of Government in Modern Iran" Youcef Rahmani [.pdf]
Prof. Setrag Manoukian, Islamic Studies

Nicole Sawin, International Development Studies and Sociology
"Children Affected by War" Nicole Sawin [.pdf]
Prof. Myriam Denov, School of Social Work

Myra Sivaloganathan, Philosophy and Religion
"Performative Divorce: Indian Jurisprudence of Unilateral Divorce" Myra Sivaloganathan [.pdf]
Prof. Katherine Lemons, Anthropology

Jessica Stallone, Sociology
"Dyadic Ambivalence in Late Life Relationships" Jessica Stallone [.pdf]
Prof. Aniruddha Das, Sociology

Constantine Valettas, Political Science and History
"The Diffusion of Lawyerization of Foreign Policy-Making" Constantine Valettas [.pdf]
Prof. Fernando Nunez-Mietz, Political Science

Chantelle Van Wiltenburg, English
"Judging Copyright: Legal Pressures and Literary Activity in Canada" Chantelle Van Wilternburg [.pdf]
Prof. Eli MacLaren, English

Tudor Vrinceanu, Psychology
"The Effects of Blood-Drawn Stimuli on the Vasovagal Response" Tudor Vrinceanu [.pdf]
Prof. Blaine Ditto, Psychology

Vivienne Walz, Cognitive Science
"Médiateurs de la relation entre la violence sexuelle à l'endroit des enfants (VSEE) et le dysfonctionnement des relations intimes" Vivienne Walz [.pdf]
Prof. Heather MacIntosh, School of Social Work

Erin Yanota, English
"Stories Cookbooks Tell" Erin Yanota [.pdf]
Prof. Nathalie Cooke, English

Bora Yongacoglu, Honors English
"Game Theoretic Models of Cooperation and Conflict in Political Bargaining" Bora Yongacoglu [.pdf]
Prof. Rohan Dutta, Economics

Julia Yu, Psychology
"Serial Order Memory in Rats" Julia Yu [.pdf]
Prof. Michael Petrides, Psychology

Tianyu Zhang, Philosophy
"China Historical Archeological Database" Tianyu Zhang [.pdf]
Prof. Jeffrey Moser, East Asian Studies

Tiger Zheng, Honors Philosophy
"Signal, Safety and Success: An Analysis of Risk, Benefit and Translation after Detection of Clinical Activity in Drug Development" Tiger Zheng [.pdf]
Prof. Jonathan Kimmelman, Biomedical Ethics Unit