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Arts Undergraduate Research Event


Thursday, February 6, 2014 - Leacock 232

On February 6th 2014 we celebrated the contributions of over 28 undergraduate students from 12 different departments to research within the Faculty of Arts at McGill. This event featured multimedia presentations from students and a research poster showcase, as well as Arts professors speaking about how they became involved in research. Participating students included those involved in independent and supervised research, as well as the 2013 ARIA recipients.

Opening remarks were given by Dean of Arts Christopher P. Manfredi.

Congratulations to the winner of the 2013 Arts Undergraduate Research Poster Prize, Magdalena Martinez, whose poster "Gozitan Young Adult Women: Dialogues Between Tradition and Modernity".

Download the event program Event Program.pdf.

For more information please contact aio [at] mcgill [dot] ca.


Poster Showcase:

Saamiah Ali, Andrea Wyers and Jane Zhang, Sustainability, Science and Society, "Tomahtoes or Tomaytoes: A Case Study on Urban Agriculture and Seasonability in Montreal"

Louisa Bielig, Linguistics & Italian Studies, "Linguistic Corpus-Building in Low-Resource Languages: An Inuktitut Case Study"

Aletta Brandle, International Development Studies, “The North’s Food Crisis: The Impacts of High Food Prices”

Elissa Brock, Psychology, “Cognition and the Environment”

Renaud Comba, Political Science & International Development Studies, “The Impact of Formal Pre-School on the Social and Educational Development of Ghanaian Children”

Clara Dallaire-Fortier, Economics, “Economics of Biobanking”

Joshua Falek, Psychology, “Just Say No: How American Abstinence Only Education Has Slowed Social Mobility Through Neoliberal Policy and Theology”

Katie Gilfillan, International Development Studies, “Titles versus Rights: The Battle for Urban Space in Phnom Penh”

Emma Hambly, English, “Romantic Poetry in Victorian Print Ephemera”

Lauren Victoria Hellrung, Economics & International Development Studies, “Changing the Way of the ‘Jumma’ People: British Colonization of the Chittagong Hill Tracts of East Bengal”

Sophia Jaworski, Psychology, “The Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Critical Literature Review”

Melissa King, Anthropology, “Using Geographical Information Systems to Build a Spatial Model of the Kierikki Archaeological Area in Northern Finland”

Diana King, Geography, “Picturing Adaptation to Climate Change in the Khumbu Region of Nepal”

Justin Jek-Kahn Koh, Cognitive Science, “Linguistic Abilities of Internationally-adopted Children from China”

Victor Lam, Melody Lynch, Rwianna Deprez, Sustainability, Science and Society, “A Valuation of Ecosystem Services of Parc La Fontaine, Montreal”

Scott Leydon, English, “Performing Objects, Disappearing Subjects: (Wax-)figuring the Indian in the Settler Colonial Imaginary of Montréal’s Musée Eden”

Melody Lynch, Geography & Environment, “The Livelihoods of the Bajo Fishing Community in Sama Bahari Since the Economic Crisis of 1998”

Emilie MacIsaac, International Development Studies, “Looking Beyond Participation: When NGOs Stop Being the Epicenter
of Development”

Tiberiu Mahu, Psychology, “Behavioural Immune System Activation Reduces Interpersonal Desirability and Perceived Closeness in the Context of Romantic Relationship Formation”

Magdalena Martinez, Anthropology, “Gozitan Young Adult Women: Dialogues Between Tradition and Modernity”

Terina Morgan, Psychology, “The Development of Self-Efficacy and Academic Motivation when Students Choose their
Learning Activities”

Camila Moya Rosario, International Development Studies & Hispanic Studies, “Colour, Race and Culture: A Case of Race and Citizenship Interpretation in the Dominican Republic”

Honora Nedwidek, Political Science, “The Boston Marathon Bombing: Intelligence Failure or Unavoidable Tragedy?”

Emily Pazar, History, “Cutting Flags and Painting Stars; Semiotics and the 1956 Hungarian Revolution”

Anne Preston, Social Work, “Access to Education: Exploring the Barriers Faced by Families in Tenuous Conditions”

Mark Saffran, Pyschology & Anthropology, “Fear of Missing Out: Prevalence, Dynamics and Consequences of FOMO”

Sabina Sloman, Economics, “Rangeland Neoliberalism: Emergent Land Markets with the Dissolution of the Commons at Maji Moto, Kenya”

Tiger Zheng, Philosophy, “Developing a Hospital Ethics Committee/Forum at SickKids: Exploring Educational Good Practices”