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Arts Undergraduate Research Event

6th Annual Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research Event

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The 6th Annual Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research Event took place on January 19th, 2016. The event celebrated the contributions of undergraduate students to research within the Faculty of Arts at McGill. The Arts Undergraduate Research Event featured presentations and exhibits by students who were involved in independent or supervised research projects or who received an Arts Research Internship Award (ARIA) in Summer 2015.

Poster Showcase:

Art History & Communication Studies
"Sick Women: Biology, Deviance and the Art of Female Illness" 
Lexi Stefanatos, Art History

"Creolization in Montreal and Halifax: Recovering Slave Dress under the British Empire (1760-1834)"PDF icon Emily Wing [.pdf]
Emily Wing, English

"INSTEAD Research Program" File Melanie Wittes [.pptx]
Melanie Wittes, Anthropology

East Asian Studies
"The Gender Norms and Women's Identities in the Three Major Religious Traditions from the Qin Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty" PDF icon Manjun Zhang [.pdf]
Manjun Zhang, East Asian Studies

"Broadcasting the Nation: Exploring the Relationship between Radio Technology and Chinese Nationalism" File Jean Matheiru Beauchemin [.pptx]
Jean Mathieu Beauchemin, East Asian Studies and Philosophy

"Literature Surveys in Development Economics" File Andrea Helfant [.pptx]
Andrea Helfant, Economics and International Development Studies

"Testing for Asymmetry in Unemployment Rate Forecasts" PDF icon Mathieu Roussel-Lewis [.pdf]
Mathieu Roussel-Lewis, Economics a Mathematics

"Non-alignment in the Works of Ayi Kwei Armah and Kwame Nkrumah"
Sophia Reuss, African Studies

"Cinema Out of the Box" PDF icon Claire Drummond [.pdf]
Claire Drummond, English

"Shedding Light on Two Unpublished Endings to a Gabrielle Roy Short Story" PDF icon Lea Begis [.pdf]
Léa Bégis, French

"Governance of Emerging Makerspaces in Toronto, Canada" PDF icon Jordan Bowden [.pdf]
Jordan Bowden, Geography

History & Classical Studies
"Jewish Autobiographies of the 18th Century: a Critical Bibliography" PDF icon Caroline Bedard [.pdf]
Caroline Bedard, History

"Human-Environment Interaction in the Indian Ocean World: The Creation of a Database" PDF icon Nusra Khan [.pdf]
Nusra Khan, History

"Pulp Empire: Cheap Magazines and the Global Popular" PDF icon David Helps [.pdf]
David Helps, History

"W.F. Tidmarsh: An American Businessman in PEI" File Liam Mather [.pptx]
Liam Mather, History

"Left behind: The Allied Armies of the Orient and their Civilian Work in Salonica" PDF icon Alfonso Marin-Aponte [.pdf]
Alfonso Marin- Aponte, History and Political Science

Islamic Studies
"The Noon Meem Rashed Archive: A New Source of Urdu Modernism and Urdu in Canada" PDF icon Zain Mian [.pdf]
Zain Mian, English and Economics

Jewish Studies
"Towards a Poetics of Exile: Poetry by Rokhl Korn"
Quinn Hodgkin, Jewish Studies

"Languages, Literature, and Cultures Novel Networks" PDF icon Esther Vinarov [.pdf]
Esther Vinarov, Cognitive Science

"Towards a Description of Chol Mayan Prosody" File Cora Lesure [.pptx]
Cora Lesure, Linguistics

McGill Institute for Canadian Studies
"The Canadian Film Extra"
Alexander Smith, History

"Equality & Superiority in 17th Century French Feminist Treatises" PDF icon Yanicka Poirier [.pdf]
Yanicka Poirier, Philosophy

Political Science
"Feminist Interpretations of Machiavelli"
Helen Baker, Philosophy

"Labour Rights in the Bangladeshi Garment Industry"
Marion Champoux-Pellegrin, Political Science and International Development Studies

"Self-Governance in a Comparative Perspective" Office presentation icon Tomas Chaves [.ppt]
Tomas Chaves, Political Science and History

"The Historical Origin of State-Society Relations in China: Religion Regulations" PDF icon Camille Chen [.pdf]
Camille Chen, Political Science

"When are Prices Politicized?"
Jesse Shuster Leibner, Political Science

"Marx's Inferno: The Political Theory of Capital"
Eric Tweel, Political Science and Philosophy

"How do "Eye" Look: Individual Differences in Social Attention during Real-World Interactions" PDF icon Willa Voorhies [.pdf]
Willa Voorhies, Psychology

"Exploring Methodologies of Altered Consciousness" PDF icon Rémi Theriault [.pdf]
Remi Theriault, Psychology

"Motivation in Interpersonal Relationships" PDF icon Holly Engstrom [.pdf]
Holly Engstrom, Psychology

"The Role of Memory in Problem Solving: Examining Age Effects" File Sonja Chu [.pptx]
Sonja Chu, Psychology

Religious Studies
"New Motivations for Religious Travels in India"
Sarah Purdy, Religious Studies

"Income after Jobless in UK" File Rosemarie Sarno [.pptx]
Rosemarie Sarno, Sociology

"The Impact of Working Part-Time or Full-Time on the Likelihood of Mothers to take Parental Leaves" PDF icon Molly Mayer [.pdf]
Molly Mayer, Sociology

"Sentencing Outcomes and Driving while Drunk" PDF icon Simon Chandonnet [.pdf]
Simon Chandonnet, Sociology