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Organizations that Have Hosted Interns in the Past
Proposing an Internship

McGill's Department of Italian Studies is working closely with the Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Internship Office to develop internship resources for Italian Studies students. Internships give students the opportunity to gain valuable workplace experience while actively contributing to the Italian community in Montreal and abroad.

You can stay in touch with developments in this new and exciting project by referring back to this site: information and postings will be listed as they become available. For more information, contact anne.turner [at] (Anne Turner) for an appointment.

List of Organizations that Have Hosted Interns in the Past (PDF Files)

These files include information about host organizations we have found that do not have established internship programs. They are an excellent resource for students by providing the names, contact person(s), and contact information for many organizations and institutions around the world.

Italian Studies Internships Database  [.pdf]

Proposing an Internship

Students wishing to undertake an internship must submit a formal proposal to this effect, well in advance of the proposed starting date. This proposal must be approved by a faculty supervisor, the Arts Internship Office, the Department Chair and the Internship advisor. For departmental contact information, please see:

The proposal must include the following information:

  • An outline of the proposed internship, including specific discussion of “learning goals”, “activities”, and “means of evaluation”.
  • A description of the organization with which the student will be working including the name of the supervisor to whom the student will be accountable, and a letter indicating the willingness of the responsible person and sponsoring agency to assume the task of supervision (including assessment of work performance). A proposal for an associated research project. As noted above, this will ordinarily take the form of a lengthy research paper, researched during the internship, and equivalent in length and quality to that produced in an independent reading course.
  • The completed Faculty of Arts Internship Course Credit Approval Form (available here).

NB: The "Student Acceptance" form must be completed and signed for Approval Forms to be processed.

Please note that students usually register for ITAL 499, Internship: Italian Studies, the term following completion of the internship.


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