2007 Interns

A group shot of 2007 interns before the Annual Internship Event (Photo by Owen Egan)

Allison Witter, intern standing at the entrance to the Canadian Consulate where she interned in Guadalajara, Mexico

Anna Richards, intern with the Indigenous Information Network, and Mercy Khortom at Lake Bogoria National Park

Deborak Hayek, intern with Isha Vidhya Rural Education Outreach, at the Agricultural Fair in Gobi, Tamil Nadu, India

Jordan Benadiba and Holly Nazar, interns at Womankind Kenya in Garissa, wearing traditional Somali clothes

Kim McGrath, RECONCILE intern, helping out with World Environment Day in Nakuru, Kenya

Sophia Boutilier, Africa Soma intern, talking with local girls about planning for productive futures, in Elangata Wuas, Kenya