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Applying for an Internship Administered by the Arts Internship Office

This page refers to questions about applying to internships administered by the Arts Internship Office listed here and does not pertain to internships found on the Internship Database or elsewhere.

    Applying for an Internship Administered by the Arts Internship Office

    Who is eligible for the internships offered by the AIO?
    The internships are open to U2 and U3 students (when applying). However, the AIO will not turn away applications from U1 students who feel they are exceptionally qualified. Students must be returning to their studies at McGill in the semester following the internship.

    What do I need to submit when applying for an Arts Internship?

    • Complete online Arts Internship Application Form, found here.
    • Official McGill transcript printed in a sealed envelope in person, to Leacock room 307. (Note: this must be ordered on Minerva in advance).

    For some internships in Quebec please also include a French version of your C.V. and cover letter. For all internships in Latin America please also include a Spanish version of your C.V. and cover letter.

    What are the language requirements for the internship?
    Language requirements are specified in each posting. Most internships in Quebec require a high to fluent proficiency in French. All internships in Latin America require intermediate to high competency in spoken and written Spanish.

    Where can I get help with my C.V. and cover letter?
    McGill's Career and Planning Service is the best resource for writing strong C.V.s and cover letters. Click here for more information.

    How do I order a printed copy of my official transcript?
    Trancripts must be ordered on Minerva:
    Student tab > student records > request printed/official transcript > option 2: for pick-up.
    These can take up to 10 days to be prepared. You will not receive notification when they are ready for pick-up. Official transcripts are picked-up at the McGill Service Point.

    Can I apply for more than one internship?
    Yes. However, only apply for an internship you have a strong interest in. If you are applying for more than one internship, please submit a targeted C.V. and cover letter for each internship you are applying for. Only one official transcript and one application form are necessary. Students are asked to list the internships by preference on their application form.

    What are the deadlines for applying?
    November 23, 2015 for internships administered by the AIO outside of Canada and the USA.
    February 1, 2016 for internships administered by the AIO within Canada and the USA.

    These deadlines are not related to the awards or credit processes. Students apply for awards or get approved credit AFTER being accepted as an intern and BEFORE leaving for their internship.

    What is the application timeline?
    Please note that these dates are approximate. Some deadlines may be extended, lenghtening the selection process.
    Only students selected for interviews will be contacted.

      AIO Internships outside Canada and USA AIO Internships within Canada and USA
    Deadline End of November End of January
    Shortlist selection for interview Early December Early February
    Interviews Early to mid December Mid February
    Application forwarded to host organizations Early January Mid to late February
    Selection and notification February to March March to April

    Please note: some deadlines may be extended, lenghtening the selection process.

    Where can I find information about students who have interned in previous years?
    It is highly recommended that you read reports from students who have interned in previous years prior to applying. The reports can be found here.

    Is there funding available for internships?
    Yes. The Arts Internship Office offers Internship Awards to help set-off the costs associated with internships. For more information, click here.

    Is it possible to receive credit for internships administered by the Arts Internship Office?
    Yes. Many departments and programs in the Faculty of Arts offer internship credit courses. Some eligibility restrictions apply. For more information, click here.

    Does the Arts Internship Office offer any preperation to interns prior to their internships?
    Yes. The AIO offers internship training workshops for students to prepare them for their internships.

    Who ultimately selects the interns?
    The host organizations are responsible for the final selection. This is an important decision and may take some time.

    If I am not selected for an internship administered by the AIO, are there other resources that can help me secure an opportunity?
    Yes. The AIO is happy to help all students as they pursue internship opportunities. If you are selected, we encourage you to make an appointment to discuss further options. Students who successfully obtain internships outside of the AIO may be eligible to apply for internship awards and credit.