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Once you have established some tentative goals, you will need to identify and research potential host organizations. The Arts Internship Office (AIO) website is a valuable resource for returning students to look for internship opportunities.

While the AIO provides assistance to returning students and advice on applications, CVs, cover letters and funding, it is the responsibility of each student to research and secure their own internship opportunities.

Please note: Internships are open to Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Education students.

The Arts Internship Office offers a number of resources for students seeking internships:

Internships administered through McGill University

Internships administered through the AIO

Steps to an effective internship

Internship Database

Internship Database - Online

More internships on- and off-campus

Creating your own internship


Creating your own internship

Arts Internship Office Email Notification Service Also, be sure to sign up to the Arts Internship Office Listserv to receive updates on internship opportunities, workshops, deadlines and information sessions.



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