Find an Internship

Once you have established some tentative goals, you will need to identify and research potential host organizations. The Arts Internship Office (AIO) website is a valuable resource for returning students to look for internship opportunities.

While the AIO provides assistance to returning students and advice on applications, CVs, cover letters and funding, it is the responsibility of each student to research and secure their own internship opportunities.

Please note: Internships are open to Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Education students.

Internship opportunities:

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Internships administered through the AIO


Internship Database

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Arts Internship Office Email Notification Service Stay in touch with the AIO to receive updates on internship opportunities, workshops, deadlines and information sessions.


Creating your own internship opportunity

This can be done through directly contacting organizations where you are interested in pursuing and internship and attempting to get the contact information for someone responsible for hiring interns. Should you choose to go this route, persistence and patience are key. The average response rate is 3% to 5%. This is not to say that this route is impossible. Indeed, previous McGill interns have had considerable luck approaching target organizations. Nonetheless, it is important to begin your search with realistic goals.

Please note that the Arts Internship Office does not fund third-party or fee-based organizations which find internships for you. Should you choose to go this route, you will be ineligible for funding.


It has been brought to our attention that for-profit “voluntourism” companies have been actively recruiting students. While students are free to take such tours at their own expense, this is not something that the Arts Internship Office can even implicitly endorse by providing these firms a platform for selling their tours. For this reason, the Arts Internship Office prepares students as much as possible to go with the proper mindset and help ensure that the organizations they work with are both appropriate and willing recipients of our tremendously motivated students. Aside from the fact that such tours fall outside of our efforts to ensure a good learning experience for  students, the fact that they often generate significant profits by charging our students steep charges is antithetical to the university’s teaching mission and runs the risk of generating a backlash in host countries that will only make it more difficult for us to find quality internships for our students.

Please note that the Arts Internship Office does not fund for-profit third-party or fee-based organizations which find internships for you. Students are not eligible to receive academic credit for internships through for-profit, third-party, or fee-based organizations which find internships for you.