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Internships are a great way to put academic knowledge into practice while exploring career possibilities. An intern expects to acquire practical skills in the day-to-day operation of an environmental organization. Often an intern will develop a relationship with a mentor within the organization, establishing valuable contacts in his or her field of interest.

Internship Resources - Database

Internships come in a great variety of sizes and colors. This database is a tool to assist you as you explore internship possibilities. Please note that the McGill School of Environment does not endorse any of the internship postings listed here.

Click here to access the database of internship opportunities. Please note that a valid McGill ID and Minerva Pin are required to access the database.

  • Application Deadlines are indicators only and can change or become fixed without prior notice.
  • Cover Letters are your first (and sometimes only) chance to make an impression. The Career Planning Service (CaPS) will help you draft a dynamic, informative and professional cover letter and CV.

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McGill School of Environment Administrative Office
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Faculty of Arts Students:

Anne Turner
Internship Officer
Faculty of Arts, McGill University
Leacock Building, Room 307
855 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal Quebec, Canada H3A 2T7
Tel: 514-398-2916
Fax: 514-398-8049
Email: anne [dot] turner [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Anne Turner)

Faculty of Science Students:

McGill Career and Placement Students (CAPS)