FAQ: Arts Internship Awards

What are the Faculty of Arts Internship Awards?

Students with confirmed summer internships have the opportunity to apply for Faculty of Arts Internship Awards. These are designed to provide partial funding to interns to off-set internship-related costs such as travel, accommodations, visas and other expenses.

Who funds the internship awards?

The Faculty of Arts Internship Awards are generously funded by alumni and friends of the McGill University Faculty of Arts. See more information about the donors here.

Am I eligible to apply if I found my internship on my own, independently of the Arts Internship Office?

Yes. Students who have found their internship by means outside of the Arts Internship Office can apply for internship awards as long as they meet the other eligibility requirements.

When should I begin preparing my award application?

As soon as possible after you have secured your internship.

For reference letters: We recommend requesting reference letters a minimum of one month in advance of the deadline to ensure sufficient time for your referees to write the letter. Please click here for more information on reference letters.

Can award application materials be submitted in French?

Yes. All award materials, including reference letters, may be submitted in French.

What if I am not in Montreal to hand in the paper components of my application?

You may scan and email the documents to aio [at] mcgill.ca


The Internship Awards have different names. Do I have to submit separate applications?

No. There is a single application form for all the internship awards.

What criteria are used for selection?

  • Cumulative academic performance;
  • Appropriateness of the internship for your educational and career goals:
  • Degree to which the duties performed as an intern will contribute to the student’s educational and professional development;
  • Degree to which the student will be able to contribute to the work of the host organization/institution;
  • Relevant work/volunteer experience and extra-curricular involvements;
  • Letter(s) of recommendation;
  • Priority will be given to students who intend on receiving course credit for their internship through their department.
    More information on this can be found here.(please note, that credit is not mandatory, but encouraged).
  • Other criteria as defined by the selection committee.

If I receive an award, how and when will I receive the money? Is this award considered to be taxable income?

Award recipients will receive the award funds by direct deposit to a Canadian bank account. Awards are normally paid in two installments: a larger one in July and a smaller one in the fall upon completion of post-internship responsibilities. Interns must be prepared to cover their costs before receiving their award money.

The amount received will be recorded on a T4A/Releve 1 and will be treated as scholarship income by the Federal and Quebec governments. For more information regarding taxes click here.