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Arts Interdisciplinary Studies Programs

Faculty of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies Office

The Faculty of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies Office is responsible for administration and advising for eight different interdisciplinary programs in the Faculty of Arts.

On this web site you will find links to all 21 interdisciplinary programs offered by the Faculty, some of which fall under the jurisdiction of other units and departments.

Interdisciplinary Programs

The Faculty of Arts interdisciplinary programs allow students to complete a set of courses that focus on a topic which is studied by scholars with a variety of disciplinary backgrounds. In most of these programs, courses are chosen from several related academic disciplines, with a foundation level course that introduces interdisciplinary perspectives and a capstone seminar course that helps final year students to draw together the different intellectual approaches they have studied.

Interdisciplinary programs focus on a particular area of the world (such as African Studies or Canadian Studies) or on a broad academic theme (such as Women’s Studies or Philosophy and Western Religions). Some of the interdisciplinary programs are offered only as Minor Concentrations; these are intended to complement a Major Concentration or Honours program. The Interdisciplinary Studies Office administers most, but not all, of the interdisciplinary programs.

Please note: International Development Studies (INTD), African Studies, and Latin American and Caribbean Studies are managed by the Institute for the Study of International Development.

Please note: The Sexual Diversity Studies program is administered by the McGill Institute for Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies.