Place: Room 114 of the Macdonald-Harrington Building (unless otherwise noted)
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday
Information: 398-6704
Coordination: David Krawitz

August 27 to September 15, 2007
A Cabinet of Curiosities
An exhibition of projects from the History and Theory graduate studio of 2007.
Vernissage on Thursday 13 September at 7:30 pm following the Pérez-Gómez lecture.
Exhibition poster - Jorge Rivera

September 17 to October 10, 2007
Architecture Transformed: John M. Lyle Past & Present
Curated by Glenn McArthur.
Exhibition poster - Glenn McArthur

October 15 to November 2, 2007
Safdie's Sixties: Looking Forward to Looking Back
Curated by Jennifer Carter.
Vernissage and reception sponsored by the RAIC and Novus at 6:00 pm on Monday 15 October, followed by the David J. Azrieli Lecture in Architecture with Moshe Safdie at 7:30 pm in Leacock 132. The exhibition has been organized in collaboration with the John Bland Canadian Architecture Collection of the McGill University Library.
Exhibition poster - Rami Abou Khalil

November 5 to 16, 2007
The Affective Body
Student work from the U3 studio section of Prof. Martin Bressani.
Exhibition poster - Jason Tsironis

November 19 to 30, 2007
Macondo Vista Por Leo Matiz
Macondo seen by Leo Matiz: Celebrating the 80th birthday of Gabriel García Márquez (a photographic exhibition).
Vernissage on Monday 19 November at 5:00.
With the support of the Consulate General of Colombia in Montreal and SALSA (Spanish and Latin-American Students' Association of McGill University).
Exhibition poster

December 5 to 11, 2007
Concrete Architecture
Student work from the M1 studio (ARCH 672).
Vernissage on Monday 5 December at 5:00.
Exhibition poster - Pawel Karwowski

Monopoli exhibition:
181 rue St-Antoine ouest
August 14 to September 13, 2008
Vernissage: Thursday 4 September 2008
Exhibition poster (Monopoli) - Pawel Karwowski

December 12 to 20, 2007
M2 Final Thesis Projects
Master of Architecture professional program final thesis projects.
Final reviews: Dec. 12 to 14.
Exhibition: Dec. 17 to 20.
Review and exhibition poster - Atelier Pastille Rose

January 15 to 25, 2008
M2 Final Thesis Projects (round 2)
Four additional Master of Architecture professional program final thesis projects.

February 4 to 22, 2008
Sketching School 2007
An exhibition of student work from Sketching School 2007 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
Vernissage on Monday 11 February at 5:00.
Exhibition poster - Carrie Henzie & David Covo

March 5 to 20, 2008
Summer Courses Abroad
An exhibition of student work from the Summer Course Abroad 2007 in Greece and from the Summer Study in Italy program in Florence.
Vernissage on Monday 10 March at 5:00.
Exhibition poster - Ricardo L. Castro

March 25 to April 4, 2008
Tunisia 2007
An exhibition of student work from the Summer 2007 Wilfred Truman Shaver Scholarship trip to Tunisia.
Vernissage on Wednesday 26 March at 5:00.
Exhibition poster - Evelyne Bouchard
Exhibition poster - Evelyne Bouchard

April 7 to 25, 2008
Design Research & Methodology
The work of the M1 class from the Winter 2008 term.
Reviews April 7 to 9; exhibition April 10 to 25.

May 1 to 30, 2008
Studio Work 2007-2008
Highlights of student work from the design studios of Fall 2007 and Winter 2008.
Exhibition poster - Don Toromanoff & Dara Wone

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