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"What It’s Like to Be an Architectural Consultant for Assassin’s Creed II," ArchDaily, Manuel Saga (trans. Matthew Valletta), 7 October 2015 [Maria Elisa Navarro].

"The Future of Montreal: Urban Gardening Goes Viral," Inverse, Neel V. Patel, 6 October 2015 [Vikram Bhatt].

"Medicine by design," Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), Barbara Sibbald, 5 October 2015 [Annmarie Adams].

"Justus League: architectural superheroes assemble at the rapids," NorthernLife.ca, David Helwig, 22 September 2015 [Thomas Strickland].

"Figure skating birthplace in Montreal faces demolition as part of Maison Alcan project," Montreal Gazette, Marian Scott, 21 September 2015 [Julia Gersovitz].

"'Home should not be a show piece,' says renowned architect," CBC Radio, 13 September 2015 [Avi Friedman].

"New Landscape Architecture Program Launches in Truro," Dal News, Emma Geldart, 11 September 2015 [Heather Braiden].

"Home sweet home circa 2022," The Vancouver Sun, Patrick Langston, 8 September 2015 [Avi Friedman].

"Arthur Erickson: Lignes topographiques," LaMetropole.com, 3 septembre 2015 [Ricardo L. Castro].

"Clásicos de Arquitectura: Casa presidencial del Fuerte San Juan de Manzanillo / Rogelio Salmona," ArchDaily, Manuela Bonilla, 19 August 2015 [Ricardo L. Castro].

"La Maison Alcan serait transformée," Le Devoir, Jérôme Delgado, 23 juillet 2015 [Adrian Sheppard].

"L'avenir de la Maison Alcan soulève la controverse,"  Ici Radio-Canada.ca, Mathieu Dion, 21 juillet 2015 [Adrian Sheppard].

"Architects oppose Maison Alcan redevelopment,"  CTV News Montreal (video), 20 July 2015 [Annmarie Adams].

"Without opposition, Maison Alcan redevelopment will proceed,"  CTV News Montreal, 20 July 2015 [Annmarie Adams].

"Proposed tower would disfigure Montreal's iconic Maison Alcan, critics say,"  Montreal Gazette, Marian Scott, 19 July 2015 [Annmarie Adams & Adrian Sheppard].

"Vancouver tenants feeling the squeeze as rental prices rise,"  The Globe and Mail, Kerry Gold, 6 June 2015 [Avi Friedman].

"5 things you learn from A View from the Porch by Avi Friedman,"  CBC Books, 3 June 2015 [Avi Friedman].

"Vancouver housing: remove developers from affordability debate says expert,"  CBC News: British Columbia, 2 June 2015 [Avi Friedman].

"Home sweet home circa 2022,"  The Vancouver Sun, Patrick Langston, 25 May 2015 [Avi Friedman].

"Designs for Narrow Lots,"  Time to Build: A Houseplans Blog, Lydia Lee, 18 May 2015 [Avi Friedman].

"13e édition des Grands Prix du génie-conseil québécois: Changer le monde / Les lauréats 2015 / Catégorie: Prix Visionnaire," Association des ingénieurs-conseils du Québec, 11 May 2015 [Maria Mingallon / Contemplay Pavilion].

"Vernissage - Amal: The Resilient School," Syrian Kids Foundation, 7 May 2015 [U2 studio section of Ipek Türeli].

"Embracing Adventure in 1970s Pointe-St-Charles, Montréal," PlayGroundology ...an emerging social science, Alex Smith, 6 April 2015 [Pieter Sijpkes & Joe Carter].

"L'avenir est aux petites maisons," La Presse, Marie-Eve Morasse, 5 March 2015 [Avi Friedman].

"Windows to the past," McGill News, Linda Sutherland, 13 February 2015 [Hosmer glass].

"Beyond Eurocentrism: The slow death of academic colonialism in McGill's School of Architecture," The McGill Daily, Samer Richani, 26 January 2015 [School].

"Reimagining housing for the poor and cities without cars," The Vancouver Sun, Daphne Bramham, 25 January 2015 [Vikram Bhatt].

"Rick Miller swaps the Simpsons and Shakespeare for Baby Boomers," National Post, Tamara Sestanj, 12 January 2015 [Rick Miller].

"My Montreal: Architect Talia Dorsey of The Commons Inc," Montreal Gazette, Joanne Penhale, 7 January 2015 [Talia Dorsey].



"Two architects among 95 new appointments to the Order of Canada," Canadian Architect, 28 December 2014 [Robert Mellin].

"Moshe Safdie wins architects' gold medal," The Boston Globe, Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldsein, 15 December 2014 [Moshe Safdie].

"Former IDRC grantee wins design for living award for work in urban agriculture," International Development Research Centre, 10 December 2014 [Vikram Bhatt].

"Focus on human dimension of innovation," The Hill Times online, Ursula Gobel, 1 December 2014 [Francois Leblanc].

"Burgundy Restored: The NCC as a manifestation of the disappearance of Black culture," Kollectif, 29 November 2014 [Veronica Lalli and Ted Oyama].

"City Life: Architectural historian on the future of the Royal Vic building," Montreal Gazette (Urban Expressions), Donna Nebenzahl, 27 November 2014 [Annmarie Adams].

"If You Can Afford to Rent, You Could Be a Homeowner," The Tyee, David P. Ball, 27 November 2014 [Avi Friedman].

"Winners of the Montréal Space for Life International Architecture Competition Announced," v2com, 26 November 2014 [KANVA].

"Winning designs unveiled for Winnipeg's 2015 warming huts," CBC News (Manitoba), Brett Purdy, 26 November 2014 [KANVA].

"State of the Schools," Canadian Architect, October 2014 [School, p. 18; FARMM on cover].

"Wired Education," Canadian Architect, Tom Bessai, October 2014 [LIPHE and FARMM, p. 27].

"Logged On," Canadian Architect, Douglas MacLeod, October 2014 [David Covo, p. 29].

"Project Salon 1861 aims to create community hub in Little Burgundy," McGill Tribune, Morgan Alexander, 21 October 2014 [Michael Jemtrud].

"Habitation: l'heure de l'innovation a sonné," La Presse, Danielle Bonneau, 14 October 2014 [Avi Friedman].

"McGill prof is king of the lecture circuit," The Gazette, Bill Brownstein, 9 October 2014 [Derek Drummond].

"The Healing Power of Art: Can Hospital Collections Help?," NBC News, Jacoba Urist, 23 September 2014 [Annmarie Adams and David Theodore].

"Episode 132: Castle On The Park," 99% Invisible, Roman Mars, 16 September 2014 - click on Listen [Annmarie Adams].

"Manon Asselin, une femme d’exception," Métro, Marc-André Carignan, 11 septembre 2014 [Manon Asselin].

"McGill student develops at-home cricket farms," CBC News, 27 August 2014 [Jakub Dzamba].

"Les femmes en architecture: Course à obstacles," Esquisses (Ordre des architectes du Québec), Gabrielle Anctil, Été 2014 (Vol. 25, No. 2) [Annmarie Adams].

"New York Architect Picked to Lead Columbia University Architecture School," The New York Times, Matt A.V. Chaban, 12 August 2014 [Amale Andraos].

"Amale Andraos to succeed Mark Wigley as GSAPP's new dean," Archinect, Amelia Taylor-Hochberg, 12 August 2014 [Amale Andraos].

"Amale Andraos named Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation dean," Columbia Daily Spectator, Samantha Cooney, 12 August 2014 [Amale Andraos].

"Amale Andraos named Dean of Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation," The Architect's Newspaper Blog, Alan G. Brake, 12 August 2014 [Amale Andraos].

"Des citoyens invités à imaginer Bellechasse," Le Devoir, Florence Sara G. Ferraris, 11 August 2014 [Nik Luka].

"Edible insects fly into spotlight: International conference to promote bugs as a sustainable, healthy delicacy," National Post, Graeme Hamilton, 8 August 2014 [Jakub Dzamba].

"Anachronies insolites dans la vieille ville," Le Devoir, Jérôme Delgado, 25 July 2014 [Olivier Vallerand].

"Les passages insolites," YouTube, 23 July 2014 [Olivier Vallerand].

"Les passages insolites: échappées ludiques dans le Vieux-Québec," Le Soleil, Isabelle Houde, 18 July 2014 [Olivier Vallerand].

"En supplémentaire," Radio Canada, 17 July 2014 [Olivier Vallerand].

"McGill University awards Blanche Lemco van Ginkel with a Doctor of Science degree," Canadian Architect, 31 May 2014 [Blanche Lemco van Ginkel].

"Given our indoor climes, think indoor greenery," The Gazette, Bill Brownstein, 30 May 2014 [Avi Friedman].

"Gifted 14 gain honorary doctorates from McGill," The Gazette, Karen Seidman, 29 April 2014 [Blanche Lemco van Ginkel].

"How homes are changing," CNN iReport, laurkwright, 25 April 2014 [Avi Friedman].

"Experts share ideas to drive home costs down," Alaska Highway News, William Stodalka, 19 April 2014 [Avi Friedman].

"Slideshow: More Seismic Shifts in 3D Printing Materials," DesignNews, Ann R. Thryft, 27 March 2014 [Pieter Sijpkes].

"A riff on the brick-box motif in N.D.G.," The Gazette, Olivia Collette, 13 March 2014 [Gavin Affleck + Richard de la Riva].

"Former Gas Station Fuels Community," Cities for People: A blog by Gehl Architects, Camilla Siggaard Andersen, 13 February 2014 [Mies van der Rohe gas-station-turned-community-centre].

"Bringing rare materials to life: A behind-the-scenes look at the Library’s collaboration with the National Gallery of Canada," McGill Reporter, Ann Marie Holland, 11 February 2014 [John Bland Canadian Architecture Collection + Jennifer Garland].

"Le St-Jude / Thomas Balaban Architect," Arch Daily, 7 February 2014 [Tom Balaban].

"FARMM's b-Shack is an Urban Hive and Bee Study Center for McGill Students," inhabitat, Lori Zimmer, 7 February 2014 [FARMM].

"Des étudiants de l'Université McGill se mobilisent," 24 HEURES, Ewan Sauves, 20 January 2014 [Étienne Sédillot + Brighita Lungu + Maria Mingallon].



"D'architecture, de génie et de glace," Agence Science-Presse, Isabelle Burgun, 18 December 2013 [Pieter Sijpkes].

"FounderProject crowns McGill student startup as university-wide competition winner," betakit, Joseph Czikk, 17 December 2013 [David Cameron].

"Student-run Venture Fund FounderProject Names Winner of Startup Competition," Techvibes, Knowlton Thomas, 17 December 2013 [David Cameron].

"Olympic stadium site reimagined," The Gazette, Allison Lampert, 11 December 2013 [Avi Friedman].

"Phyllis Lambert steps down as the head of the Canadian Centre for Architecture," The Gazette, Marian Scott, 5 December 2013 [Martin Bressani].

"Habitat 67: le fruit d'une thèse d'étudiant," La Presse, Michèle Laferrière, 30 November 2013 [Moshe Safdie].

"Home sweet home circa 2022," The Vancouver Sun, Patrick Langston, 25 November 2013 [Avi Friedman].

"3D-Printed Chains of Ice and the Robot-Assisted Igloos of the Future," Gizmodo, Geoff Manaugh, 5 November 2013 [Pieter Sijpkes].

"Les insectes, aliment de l'avenir?" Le Devoir, Pauline Gravel, 17 octobre 2013 [Jakub Dzamba].

"Eating insects: the challenge is to get global buy-in," The Globe and Mail, 30 September 2013 [Jakub Dzamba].

"Hult Prize: Jakub Dzamba, McGill Student, Claims Million-Dollar Idea Stolen," Huffington Post, Christian Cotroneo, 26 September 2013 [Jakub Dzamba].

"McGill student feels cheated of share of $1-million prize," Maclean's On Campus, Peter Rakobowchuk, 25 September 2013 [Jakub Dzamba].

"McGill Cricket-Farming Idea Wins $1 Million Hult Prize," Bloomberg Business Week, Louise Lavelle, 24 September 2013 [Jakub Dzamba].

"Flour made with insects wins $1M for McGill team," CBC News, 24 September 2013 [Jakub Dzamba].

"Architectural Innovator," Urban Expressions, Donna Nebenzahl, 17 September 2013 [Avi Friedman].

"Ownership of McGill Entry in Hult Prize Called Into Question ," Bloomberg Business Week, Louise Lavelle, 12 September 2013 [Jakub Dzamba].

"Exurban growth in Montreal region is worst in country," The Gazette, Aaron Derfel, 7 September 2013 [Avi Friedman].

"Eating crickets to save the world (recipes included!)," Marketplace, Mark Garrison, 26 August 2013 [Jakub Dzamba].

"Micro-flats appealing for world's urban poor,"  Al Jazeera, Lisa De Bode, 24 August 2013 [Avi Friedman].

"Cricket farm," The Lang & O'Leary Exchange (CBC), 23 August 2013 [Jakub Dzamba].

"Cricket cookies and urban insect farming," Treehugger, Margaret Badore, 19 August 2013 [Jakub Dzamba].

"Video: Would You Eat a Cricket Canape?" Inhabitat, Diane Pham, 19 August 2013 [Jakub Dzamba].

"Would you like some crickets with that?" Mail Online, Margot Peppers, 16 August 2013 [Jakub Dzamba].

"What Eating Crickets is Really Like," PopSci (Popular Science), Dan Nosowitz, 15 August 2013 [Jakub Dzamba].

"Photos: Cricket Canapes a Hit at 'Future Food Salon,'" Gothamist, Scott Lynch, 15 August 2013 [Jakub Dzamba].

"Perogy-flavoured chips make the cut," CBC News, 13 August 2013 [Lucas Crawford].

"We need to think innovatively about neighbourhoods," ArchSupply, 3 August 2013 [Avi Friedman].

"Lights, Camera, Action!" Canadian Architect (cover story), Leslie Jen, July 2013 [Andrew King].

"Canada puts insects on the menu," Al Jazeera, Daniel Lak, 1 July 2013 [Jakub Dzamba].

"Future Food Salon April 18, 2013, Toronto," YouTube, 9 June 2013 [Jakub Dzamba].

"Cost-Efficient Homes Now Come in Flatpacks," Design Build Source, Mercedes Martty, 6 June 2013 [Avi Friedman].

"10 of the world's thinnest homes," MSN Real Estate, Scot Meyer, 3 June 2013 [Avi Friedman].

"Sept-Îles: repenser l'urbanisme," Radio Canada, 30 May 2013 [Avi Friedman].

"Sustainability the key to domestic bliss," The Sydney Morning Herald, Jacinta Le Plastrier, 25 May 2013 [Avi Friedman].

"Eating bugs in Canada?," Radio Canada International, 15 May 2013 [Jakub Dzamba].

"Capitol is unique atmospheric theatre, scholar says," Northumberland Today, 8 May 2013 [Camille Bédard].

"La communion de styles dans une église," Le Devoir, Emmanuelle Vieira, 20 April 2013 [Tom Balaban].

"It's not too late to save Griffintown," The Gazette, René Bruemmer, 15 April 2013 [Avi Friedman].

"Nunavut project wins Canadian spot at Venice Biennale in Architecture," The Globe and Mail, James Adams, 26 March 2013 [Lola Sheppard].

"Guardian of the city's past," Urban Expressions (The Gazette), Donna Nebenzahl, March 2013 [Julia Gersovitz].

"Urban shift is reshaping Montreal,"  The Gazette, René Bruemmer, 8 March 2013 [Avi Friedman].

"Neighbourhoods in transition," The Gazette, René Bruemmer, 8 March 2013 [Avi Friedman].

"The Imaginative City," The Globe and Mail, Lisa Rochon, 28 February 2013 [Caileigh MacKellar and Newsha Ghaeli, Naomi Hébert and Katryna Rogynska]