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Michael Jemtrud

Associate Professor

Founding Director, Facility for Architectural Research in Media and Mediation

Faculty Fellow in the Institute for the Public Life of Arts and Ideas (2011-13)

BA, BSc, BArch (Penn State), MArch (McGill)

Macdonald-Harrington Building
Room 215C
Tel.: (514) 398-1619
michael [dot] jemtrud [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)


Michael Jemtrud is an Associate Professor of Architecture at McGill University and Faculty Fellow in the Institute for the Public Life of Arts and Ideas (McGill). He is the former Director of the School of Architecture at McGill (2007-11) and Founding Director of two award-winning research labs: the Facility for Architectural Research in Media and Mediation (2007-current) and the Carleton Immersive Media Studio (2001-07, Ottawa). His research focuses on redefining the contemporary understanding of technics relative to the models and productive metaphors by which we imaginatively reconfigure the world from the computational and fabricative to the emergent and environmental. Professor Jemtrud has been awarded over $20 million in sponsored research funding over the past 13 years of teaching and research (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada; Canada Foundation for Innovation; Canadian Heritage; CANARIE; IBM; Autodesk; and others). Current and recent sponsored research projects include “Arts and Ideas in Motion: Parkour Project” (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Insight grant (2013-16); “Modeling the Methodologies of Our Time” (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Research-creation in the fine arts (2011-14); “Art and Ideas in Motion/MUSe: Partnership and Prototype Development” (SSHRC McGill Collaborative Research and Development Fund (2013-14); “Working Models Forum” (L’institut de recherche en histoire de l’architecture (2013-14). He has taught at the Aarhus School of Architecture (2014), Ryerson University (2013), University of Toronto (2012), Carleton University (2000-07), The Pennsylvania State University (1996-2000). He teaches courses and supervises graduate students in architectural and urban design, sustainable design, digital media, critical design strategies, contemporary & cultural theory, and the philosophy of technology. He holds a Passive House Tradesperson certification, is trained in BREEAM New Construction, and was a Research Associate at the Canadian Centre for Architecture (2012). Professor Jemtrud has given many international lectures, juries, reviews and has published broadly with regard to his research creation and scholarly activity. He has received awards for technology development, scholarly works, and creative work.

Courses 2015-16

Fall 2015
ARCH 512 - Architectural Modelling (3 credits)
ARCH 672 - Architectural Design 1 (3 credits)

Winter 2016
ARCH 515 - Sustainable Design (3 credits)
ARCH 626 - Critical Design Strategies (4 credits)

Current Graduate Supervision

Master of Architecture (professional) students:
• Kevin Botchar, “The children of the dammed”
• Andrew Brown, “The Attic of the City”
• Emmanuelle Dorais, “International Center for Environmental Literacy”
• Maxime Duval-Stojanovic, “A World Digital”
• Veronica Lalli, “One Burgundy”
• Gabriel Legare-Bisaillon, “Architectures of Imposture”
• Étienne Sédillot, “Intergenerational Encounters: Where Past and Present Meet”

PhD students:
• Brian Brush
• Ziad Ewais
• Philam Nguyen

Post-doctoral student:
• Eleonora  Diamanti, “Towards a Politics of Creativity: An Ecological Approach to Sustainability”

Current and Recent Research

FARMM: http://farmmresearch.com/farmm.org/

2013-16 Grantor: SSHRC Insight (ongoing) Amount: $493,000
Title: Arts and Ideas in Motion Parkour Project

2013 Grantor: SSHRC McGill Collaborative Research and Development Fund: Amount: $14,800
Title: Art and Ideas in Motion/MUSe: Partnership and Prototype Development

2012-13 Grantor: L’institut de recherche en histoire de l’architecture: Amount: $25,000
Title: Fabricating Aesthetics

2011-13 Grantor: SSHRC Research Creation grant in the fine arts. Amount: $197,600
Title: Modeling the methodologies of our time

Recent Work

2014: Jemtrud, M (2014) “Messy Technics: multi-methodological research and the collaborative design project.” In: Architectural Design Research Symposium (Venice Biennale 2014).

2014: Jemtrud, M., Ragsdale, K.G. (2014) “Three Little Shacks: An inquiry in technics, tool-making, and invention.” In: N. Gu, S. Watanabe, H. Erhan, H. Haeusler, W. Huang (eds.), Rethinking Comprehensive Design: Speculative Counterculture, Proceedings of the 19th International Conference of the Association of Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia, Kyoto, Japan.  Publication and lecture.

2014:  Aarhus School of Architecture. “The Mediated City:  Pay Attention While Walking.” Lecture.

2014: “Working Models Forum” Symposium (McGill University). International conference, organizer.

2014: “North is X Positive” exhibit. (McGill University). Exhibit.

2014:  School of the Art Institute of Chicago. “Arts and Ideas in Motion.” Lecture.

2014:  The Mediated City Conference, Architecture_Media_Politics_Society. “MUSing Publics: Arts and Ideas in Motion.” Plenary session lecture (London, UK)

2013:  University of Brighton, Faculty of Arts - Architecture, Interior Architecture, Urban Studies.  “Technics and Models: Three Little Shacks and a MUSe.” Invited Lecture (Brighton)

2013:  Queen’s University of Belfast, Institute for Collaborative Research in the Humanities. “Arts and Ideas in Motion.” Invited Lecture (Belfast)

2013:  International Conference on Adaptation and movement in Architecture (ICAMA2013). “Technics-Models-Praxis.” Keynote lecture and panellist (Toronto)