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Application Sections

  • You will complete 15 - 25 sections - depending on your choice of program.
  • After you complete a section, click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page to save the data and proceed to the next section. The reset button may be used to undo any unsaved changes you've made on the current section before you click "Continue".
  • If you have made an error, you will receive a red error message at the top of the section indicating that there were errors or omissions.
  • You can complete sections in any order. To skip to another section, click on the left side bar menu. As you successfully complete a section, it will move to the completed sections at the bottom of the left side bar menu.
  • Consult the "Help" button (top right) of each section for important information regarding its completion.


  • You will be asked to enter a Login ID and PIN number. For security reasons, it is important that you choose a "hard-to-guess" PIN number.
  • Note your PIN number - you will need it later. Once you have selected your program, you may stop at any time and return to your application by re-entering your Login ID and PIN number.
  • Please use the mouse and not the tab or enter keys to move between fields.


  • Don't leave your web session unattended. For security reasons you will be automatically logged out of the application if no data is entered within 30 minutes.
  • Don't use the back and forward features of your web browser. This can result in errors when submitting your application, and should be used only when you are explicitly instructed to do so.


Version 4.0 (or higher) of Microsoft Internet Explorer (for Windows; for Mac) is recommended.