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Aboriginal applicants

The Principal's Task Force on Diversity, Excellence and Community Engagement seeks to increase the number of qualified Aboriginal students gaining admission to, and excelling in all programs at McGill University.

Therefore, we encourage all First Nations, Inuit, and Métis applicants to identify themselves on their application form and to submit a personal statement, as well as letters of recommendation and a resumé. This will allow admissions decision-makers to use McGill's Aboriginal admission evaluation process and take into consideration the educational experiences particular to members of an Aboriginal community that are not evaluated through the University's standard practices. It will also allow us to provide additional service and information to applicants about support services and funding opportunities for aboriginals at McGill.

Self-identification and provision of supporting documents is entirely optional for Aboriginal applicants; furthermore, self-identification can in no way negatively impact the admission decision. McGill recognizes that Aboriginal applicants, their communities and connections between the two are extremely varied. For some, Aboriginal identity and community connection runs deep, for others it is less significant. If you consider yourself as First Nations, Inuit, or Métis, we hope that you will self-identify on your McGill application.

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