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Home-Schooled Applicants

McGill University will consider applications from home-schooled applicants. Each case will be treated on its own merits. As a home-schooled candidate, you must provide McGill University with a description of the home-schooling curriculum followed and measures of your academic acquisition in the program, including a comprehensive list of all texts (and editions) studied; a personal statement from you and a separate statement from your home educator explaining the basis of the university application and estimation of your readiness to handle university-level subject matter; and an additional confidential letter of recommendation from an impartial source indicating your readiness for university-level study. You are strongly encouraged to upload your supporting documents (see www.mcgill.ca/applying/submitting-your-documents for further information).

In some cases, further information and/or interview(s) with an Admissions Officer, Associate Dean, or Program Director may be required.