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Management, Desautels Faculty of

Below is a listing of the chief academic administrators (academic unit heads) in the Faculty.


AreaIncumbentCurrent Term Start-End DatesDate of First Appointment
Dean TBA    
  - Interim Dean Morty Yalovsky 2014.05 2014.05-TBA
Associate Dean Academic TBA    
  - Interim Associate Dean Saibal Ray 2014.05 2014.05-TBA
Associate Dean Master's Program Demetrios Vakratsas 2013.08 2013.08-2015.07
Associate Dean Research & International Relations TBA    
  - Interim Associate Dean Samer Faraj 2014.05 2014.05-TBA
Associate Dean Student Affairs TBA    


Not listed on this page are units which are not fully department-equivalent (chair-equivalent). To see a list of other units in the faculty which fall outside of these listings visit either the Faculty's website, or the University's Organization Table
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