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Below is a listing of the chief academic administrators (academic unit heads) in the Faculty.


AreaIncumbentDate of First AppointmentCurrent Term Start-End Dates
Dean Christopher Manfredi 2006.06 2011.07-2016.06
Associate Dean Academic Administration & Oversight Gillian Lane-Mercier 2011.08 2014.08-2016.07
Associate Dean Research & Graduate Studies James Engle-Warnick 2013.06 2013.06-2016.05
Associate Dean Student Affairs Lucyna Lach 2012.11 2012.11-2016.05

Departmental CHAIRS

AreaIncumbentDate of First AppointmentCurrent Term Start-End Dates
Anthropology John Galaty 2014.09 2014.09-2017.05
Art History & Communication Studies Jennifer Burman 2014.01 2014.01-2016.05
East Asian Studies Philip Buckley 2014.09 2014.09-2016.05
Economics John Galbraith 2010.06 2013.06-2016.05
English Trevor Ponech 2014.06 2014.06-2017.05
French Language & Literature Jane Everett 2013.08 2013.08-2016.07
History & Classical Studies J. Elizabeth Elbourne 2012.06 2012.06-2015.05
Jewish Studies Carlos Fraenkel 2015.01 2015.01-2017.07
  - Interim Chair Yael Halevi-Wise 2014.08 2014.08-2014.12
Languages, Literatures & Cultures José Jouve-Martin 2014.08 2014.08-2017.05
Linguistics Bernhard Schwarz 2010.06 2013.06-2016.05
Philosophy David Davies 2012.06 2012.06-2015.05
Political Science Hudson Meadwell 2012.06 2012.06-2015.05
Sociology Celine Le Bourdais 2013.09 2013.09-2016.05

DIRECTORS of Schools, Institutes, etc

Listed below are units which are fully department-equivalent (chair-equivalent). To see a list of other units in the faculty which fall outside of these listings visit either the Faculty's website, or the University's Organization Table
AreaIncumbentDate of First AppointmentCurrent Term Start-End Dates
Environment, McGill School of (Joint with Faculty of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Science) See Faculty of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences for listing
French Language Centre Natallia Liakina 2013.06 2013.06-2013.06
Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies, Institute of Carrie Rentschler 2012.01 2012.01-2015.07
Health & Social Policy, Institute of (Joint with Faculty of Medicine) See Faculty of Medicine for listing
Information Studies, School of France Bouthillier 2005.06 2014.06-2016.05
Islamic Studies, Institute of Jamil Ragep 2014.09 2014.09-2015.05
Social Work, School of Nicolas Trocmé 2014.08 2014.08-2019.07
Study of Canada, McGill Institute for the William Straw 2011.07 2011.07-2016.06
Study of International Development, Institute for the Philip Oxhorn 2010.09 2014.09-2016.05
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