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The following pages on our site pertain to Newly Recruited and Current Academic Staff at McGill University.

Vacation Entitlement for Academic Staff

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The reference year for vacation purposes is from June 1 to May 31. During the reference year a staff member progressively acquires entitlement to a period of vacation.

Employment Guidelines for Administrative and Support Staff in Academic Duties

Administrative and support staff may, as a consequence of their special expertise, be asked from time to time to assist in the teaching of undergraduate or graduate students. When administrative and support staff are asked to assist in the academic work of the University, the following guidelines shall apply:

Appointing Academic Staff

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This page pertains to the "Appointing of Academic Staff", which is the step occurring after the Recruiting and Hiring processes have successfully been completed.

Recruiting and Hiring Process Guides

Please consult the relevant guide:

Advertising Ranked Academic Positions

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All tenure-stream and ranked contract academic staff positions must be advertised according to the guidelines below.