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A person holding an academic appointment at another university or scholarly institution may be recruited as Associate Professor or Professor with tenure if so recommended by the University Tenure Committee for Recruitment (UTCR).

UTCR also recommends new appointments of Contract Academic Staff (CAS) at the rank of Professor.

Required Documents The following documents are required for UTCR approval. Please submit these documents via the Academic Recruitment Files Processing CentreStage Platform, and send academic.personnel [at] (Academic Personnel) an advisal email when the file is ready for review.

1 Stage 1, Standard Recruiting Documents, and Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic)'s approval to recruit

2 Memo from the Dean to the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic)

endorsing Recruitment, listing reasons for the type of recruitment (Associate Professor or Professor with tenure, or CAS at rank of Professor). This document should not contain salary information.

3 A Dossier Consisting of:

(i) the candidate’s curriculum vitae, including a record of the candidate’s research and research funding, scholarship and professional activities and contributions; a record of the candidate’s teaching (including graduate and professional supervision as appropriate); and a record of the candidate’s general contributions to university and scholarly communities;

(ii) written recommendations from appropriate departmental and/or faculty committees, including justification for an appointment with tenure, where relevant. The appropriate departmental/faculty committee can be the hiring/recruitment committee, the DTC or some other committee that the department/faculty puts together for this purpose. At the Faculty level, the recommendation may come from the Dean, in addition to - or instead of - a faculty committee.

(iii) three confidential letters of reference from recognized authorities who are external to the University. The letters of reference can be those used for recruitment, letters obtained for making a recommendation to the CRC, letters obtained for purposes of promotion or tenure at another institution, or letters obtained specifically for UTCR. (Letters should be relatively recent, i.e., dated within the past two years.)
A brief summary of not more than 3 or 4 sentences on each external referee shall be included.

(iv) For candidates who are being considered for tenure at McGill and who do not have tenure (or equivalent) at another academic institution, it is advisable to include in the dossier a detailed statement by the candidate on their research, teaching and other contributions to the scholarly community.

4 CAS Appointments to Full Professor

Dossier Requirements listed in item 3 above may be modified for CAS appointments. Please contact the academic.personnel [at] (subject: CAS -UTCR%20Required%20Documents) for assistance.
Timeline -- UTCR Meeting Dates Schedule
Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic)'s Formal Approval Memo (indicating UTCR must be used) Advise Academic Personnel that there will be a dossier submitted to UTCR UTCR Documents must be received in Academic Personnel by UTCR e-vote Start Date (results must be returned within one week) UTCR Meeting Date (if e-vote cannot be used) Board/Executive Meeting Date
Must be obtained in advance of date in column B Two weeks prior to the date in column C DEADLINE CLOSED DEADLINE CLOSED COMPLETED 01-Dec-2016
27-Apr-2017 04-May-2017 12-May-2017 25-May-2017
Notification Deans will be notified of final approval once obtained from the Board of Governors.
Listing of UTCR Committee Members Please visit the University Tenure Committee for Recruitment page on the Senate's website for a list of current UTCR Commitee Members.
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