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Emeritus Designation for Academic Staff

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The Emeritus designation falls under the Regulations on Retirement of Academic Staff.

The honorific "Emeritus/Emerita" designation is accorded to all retired eligible full Professors and Librarians who, prior to their retirement from the University:

  • have held the rank for a minimum of five (5) years;
  • are deemed to have satisfactorily maintained the standard for which they were appointed to that rank.

The designation is granted at the discretion of the University, on the recommendation of the Dean, following consultation with the Chair.

Endowed/Named Chairholders Any retired or emeritus staff member is permitted to retain, as part of their designation, the name of any Named Chair or Professorship (including James McGill professorships) held prior to retirement.

Procedure On retirement, each eligible full Professor or Librarian will be considered for the honorific by the Department Chair and the Dean. (Recommendations may be made before the staff member has retired, provided that the staff member’s Retirement Date has received final approval.)

The Chair sends a recommendation to the Dean, together with the retiree’s updated CV. If the Dean endorses the recommendation, the Chair’s recommendation, the Dean’s recommendation and the CV shall be forwarded electronically to the academic [dot] personnel [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Academic Personnel Office).

In the case of joint appointments, recommendations shall be made by the Chairs of each Department and the Deans of each Faculty.

Once the Emeritus designation is approved by the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic), a letter and certificate will be sent to the staff member confirming conferral of the Emeritus designation.

The Department or Faculty administrator must have the honorific recorded in Banner via Minerva using the appropriate position code:

Professorial Staff

- AFN991 (Honorary Emeritus/Emerita)
- AFK991 (Honorary Emeritus/Emerita) who are jointly appointed

Librarian Staff

- AFN990 (Honorary LIB Emeritus/Emerita).

Effective Date of Conferral Staff members accorded the honorific may use the Emeritus/Emerita designation effective from the date of retirement.

Announcement of New Emeritus The names of those on whom the honorific has been conferred will appear in the Convocation Booklet. However, there is no formal presentation at Convocation.

Emeritus/Retired Staff Privileges The privileges of Retired and Emeritus staff may be modified from time to time. Current privileges include the following:
Privilege All Emeritus and Retired Staff Emeritus and Retired Staff
with Post-Retirement Employment

Holding Research Grants

Subject to funding agency rules Subject to funding agency rules


See HR's When you retire page for more information See HR's When you retire page for more information

Computing Services

See the Retired Faculty, including Emeritus Professors in the IT Knowledge Database (Article 1023) See the Retired Faculty, including Emeritus Professors in the IT Knowledge Database (Article 1023)

Gymnasium Membership

Staff rates Staff rates

ID Card

Yes Yes

Laboratory Space

No Special arrangement based on funding, research requirements & productivity

Library Privileges

Yes Yes

Office Space

No Common space or special arrangement

On-Line Staff Directory Listing

Yes Yes

Parking Permit

No In accordance with University policy

Staff Mortgage

Continuance only Continuance only

Tuition Assistance

In accordance with University policy In accordance with University policy

Emeritus Listing Click on Emeritus-Emerita Staff Listing to find a listing of all Emeritus appointments at McGill University.

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