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Converting Special Category Appointments To Tenure-Track

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Converting a Pre-tenure-track Special Category Appointment Upon Completion of PhD

This page is relevant to cases where the Provost has approved of the recruitment of a pre-tenure-track Assistant Professor (Special Category), convertible to tenure-track upon completion of a PhD.

Any time spent in a pre-tenure-track Assistant Professor (Special Category) position prior to conversion to a tenure-track Assistant Professor position is excluded from years of service calculations for the tenure-track reappointment process and the tenure cohort clock.

Copy of the PhD, or equivalent

To convert a pre-tenure-track Special Category to a regular, tenure-track Assistant Professor appointment, the following documents are required:

  • A copy of the PhD diploma
  • A signed letter from the issuing university on their letterhead stating that the staff member has completed all the requirements, successfully defended, AND will be convocating on such-and-such a date.

Effective Date of the Change and New Board Letter

The staff member will be converted as of January 1st or August 1st, whichever date first follows the date of conferral of the PhD certificate. (Please note that the conferral date of the PhD certificate is not the same as that of the PhD dissertation defense.) A new Board letter will be issued confirming the appointment.

The tenure-track Assistant Professor appointment will be for three years, regardless of any work permit issued, if applicable. However, on Banner, the staff member can only be appointed to the end date on the current work permit.

Banner Position Number

A tenure-track position code must be used to process this type of change into the Banner System.

In many cases, the tenure-track position code has already been created and is being held in reserve.

To obtain the number:

  1. Check the bottom of the new Board letter issued to the staff member. The position code is usually found there.
  2. Log into Minerva Tenure-Stream Recruitment Tracking Status Reports and obtain the code from the Requisition used to hire the person.
  3. Contact your Faculty Administrator for the code from the STAR report accessible via Centre Stage)
    (NOTE: Access to Centre Stage is restricted to Faculty administrators, as approved by the Dean.)
  4. If you are uncertain, please contact the Academic Personnel Office for the code or to validate the code you wish to use.

Minerva Appointment Form

Once a tenure-track Banner Position Number has been obtained, the department must process a Minerva appointment form to finalize the conversion to tenure-track.