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Associate Professor (tenure-stream)

Person appointed:

  1. as a promotion with tenure granted to a tenure track Assistant Professor, or
  2. to a tenure track appointment of limited maximum duration (six years). Mandatory consideration for tenure in the 5th year
  3. as a new appointee who is judged to have met the appropriate criteria both for the conferral of the rank, and the granting of tenure at the time of the initial appointment.

Appointees are expected to devote themselves to the full range of academic duties as defined in the regulations.

The Regulations Relating to the Employment of Tenure Track and Tenured Academic Staff (RRETAS) govern this academic classification.

Listed below are further guidelines and procedures which supplement the Regulations.



Approval of Staffing Plan and Recruitment Licence Mandatory Recruiting New Tenure-Track/Tenured Ranked Academic and Librarian Staff
Advertising Mandatory Advertising Ranked Academic Positions
Employment Equity Mandatory Employment Equity Guidelines - Academic Recruitment
Immigration Cannot be initiated until the candidate has been approved by the Provost. Administrators Information Regarding Immigration Procedures for Tenure-Track/Tenured Academic Staff
Relocation Process Cannot be initiated until the candidate has been approved by the Provost. Relocation Service


Appointment Type Tenure-Track or Tenured Academic Staff, Ranked RRETAS-6.7
Additional Qualifiers May be appointed "Clinical tenure-stream" in the Faculty of Medicine Clinical Tenure-Stream (GFT-U)
Initial Appointment Term An initial minimum term of 3 years, but not more than 4 years, OR with tenure RRETAS-6.7
Joint Appointment Possible? Must be Associate Professor in both units.
If joint is not appropriate, use Associate Member for any secondary academic appointments
RRETAS-2.7 and  RRETAS-6.3
Required Documentation to Appoint See Link to right Submitting a Recruitment Dossier for Tenure Track Hires
Recruitment with Tenure See guidelines on submitting a file for UTCR consideration RRETAS-7.32 through 7.32.6
Salary Minima Must meet established minimum Salary Minima
Work Permit Required for all non-Canadians, with the exception of Permanent Residents of Canada
Official Letter of Appointment Issued? Provostial Letter RRETAS-6.2
Terms/Conditions of Appointment To be sent to candidate by departmental Chair within 60 days of appointment RRETAS-Section 4 and RRETAS-6.9 through 6.12.3
Clinical Appointments The salary and the Hospital affiliation must be indicated for these appointments
FTE in Minerva/Banner see Link to right Guidelines to FTE


Reappointment Term For duration of not more than 3 years, all appointments not to exceed six years in aggregate RRETAS-6.7.1
Reappointment Process RRETAS-6.13 through 6.14.6
Required Documentation to Reappoint See Link to right Tenure Track Reappointment Process
Official Letter of Reappointment Issued? Yes, Provostial Letter
Letter issued a minimum 37-weeks from the end of the current appointment, otherwise an automatic one-year terminal extension and/or terminal appointment is accorded.
Tenure   RRETAS-Section 7
Promotion To Full Professor RRETAS-Section 8
Salary increase on Promotion Yes Promotion of a tenure-stream/tenured Associate Professor to Full Professor


Benefits and University Pension Plan Eligibility Yes Admin Handbook Benefits
Benefits at a Glance
Pensions Brochure
Leaves of Absence Eligibility Yes Leaves of Absence
Maternity/Parental Yes Maternity and Parental Leaves
Sabbatic Leave Eligilibility Yes Sabbatic Leaves
Staff Dependent Tuition Waiver Program Yes Admin Handbook Staff Dependent Tuition Waiver Policy
Staff Tuition Assistance Program Yes Benefits Educational Assistance
Vacation Entitlement Vacation Entitlement for Academic Staff
Notice of Termination 37-week notification for untenured staff members engaged in a limited term appointment RRETAS-6.7.3 and RRETAS-6.4