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Provisions of Contract Agreement - Course Lecturer Contract

This page provides details about the Provisions of Contract Agreement of the Course Lecturer Contract. For more details about Course Lecturer Employment Guidelines, please click here.

The course lecturer contract is generated using the Minerva HR Admin Appointment Form Process at the departmental level. The contract must be provided to the course lecturer for signature, along with the Provisions of Contract Agreement, reproduced below for your information. A signed copy of the entire contract, with provisions, must be provided to the Course Lecturer.

Provisions of Contract Agreement


  1. "Course" means the course offered by the University and to be taught by the Course Lecturer as described in the Course Lecturer Contract.
  2. "Term" of this agreement means the period defined as such in Part III of the Course Lecturer Contract.
  3. "Amount" means the remuneration referred to in the Course Lecturer Contract.
  4. "University/we" means McGill University.
  5. "Course Lecturer/you" means the Course Lecturer employed to teach the course under the terms of this Course Lecturer's Contract.

Terms of the Agreement

  1. The Course Lecturer Contract is subject to the Regulation Relating to the Employment of Contract Academic Staff.
  2. The Course Lecturer is subject to the policies and procedures of the University.
  3. The Course Lecturer shall:
    -use his or her expertise and best efforts to perform the obligations and carry out the terms of this contract;
    -prepare well for lectures based on course guidelines approved by the department;
    -teach the course on the days and times indicated;
    -prepare and mark final and supplemental examinations, submitting marks no later than two (2) weeks after the date of final examinations;
    -abide by and enforce the regulations of the Faculty and the University;
    -submit a copy of the course syllabus (course outline) to the Chair of the Department by the end of the first week of lectures;
  4. In the case of Continuing Education, the Lecturer's Handbook forms part of this contract.
  5. We may terminate this contract upon any material breach or non-performance of the terms and conditions.
  6. We may make public the student course evaluations, for the benefit of other students.
  7. We will pay you the Amount as set out in the Course Lecturer Contract, and will make statutory deductions at source.
  8. In the event that we terminate this contract for any reason (such as insufficient enrolment) not attributable to you, an indemnity of 20% of the value of the contract shall be paid to you, unless we have given written notice at least 14 calendar days prior to the commencement of fall or winter courses and at least 7 calendar days prior to the commencement of spring or summer session courses.
  9. Duties under this contract may not be transferred. In the event that you unable to perform the duties under contract temporarily (i.e., for up to 6 consecutive contact hours in a 3 credit course), you must arrange one of the following options with the prior approval of your immediate supervisor: find a substitute to perform the duties in your stead, make a reciprocal arrangement with a colleague, or reschedule the class (where feasible). If you unable to perform the duties under contract for a period longer than that described above, the contract shall be terminated.
  10. This contract represents the entire agreement between the parties and may not be modified.