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Academic Trainee

Academic Trainees are invited by the University to conduct their activities on campus under academic supervision. "Academic Trainee" is not a work or employee classification; rather it is closer to "stagiaire", in French, a person who is carrying out a "practicum". Academic Trainees are not registered as students or postdocs at McGill, but are pursuing further training in their field of expertise. They can not be given other duties/positions at McGill during this period.

Academic Trainees must normally provide proof of an existing affiliation and written confirmation that a further training period is required. The nature and duration of the training period must also be specified. The training period must be of short duration.

Appointment Type Stagiaire
Appointment/Reappointment Term The training period must be of short duration.
Required Approvals to Appoint CAS Approvals - Appointments
Required Documentation to Appoint Minerva Appointment Form. Any other requirements to be specified by the unit
Official Letter of Appt./Reappt. Faculty/Departmental Responsibility
Salary Academic Trainees are persons working, with or without remuneration, to perfect their skills.
Required Approvals to Reappoint CAS Approvals - Reappointments
Required Approvals to Change Status CAS Approvals - Change of Status
Benefits and University Pension Plan Eligibility Not applicable
Vacation Policy Not applicable
Maternity/Parental Not applicable
Staff tuition assistance program Not applicable
Staff dependent tuition waiver program Not applicable
Written Notice of Termination Not applicable