External Affiliation Classifications

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In addition to this page, please consult CAS Unranked Affilations & Visiting staff or the Internal Staff Affiliations classification page to ensure you consider all options.

Academic Trainees are invited by the University to conduct their activities on campus under academic supervision. "Academic Trainee" is not a work or employee classification; rather it is closer to "stagiaire", in French, a person who is carrying out a "practicum". Academic Trainees are not registered as students or postdocs at McGill, but are pursuing further training in their field of expertise. They can not be given other duties/positions at McGill during this period.

Academic Trainees must normally provide proof of an existing affiliation and written confirmation that a further training period is required. The nature and duration of the training period must also be specified. The training period must be of short duration.

Person holding an appointment external to the University and who is apointed as an Affiliate Member to participate in the academic activities of a unit of the University. RRECAS 6.1, 6.2.iv

Appointment Type Stagiaire Affiliation. For example: retired academics or professionals
Appointment/Reappointment Term The training period must be of short duration. Maximum of three years at a time.
Required Approvals to Appoint CAS Approvals - Appointments CAS Approvals - Appointments
Required Documentation to Appoint Minerva Appointment Form. Any other requirements to be specified by the unit CAS Approvals - Appointments
Official Letter of Appt./Reappt. Faculty/Departmental Responsibility Dean
Salary Academic Trainees are persons working, with or without remuneration, to perfect their skills. This is a nil salary position
Required Approvals to Reappoint CAS Approvals - Reappointments CAS Approvals - Reappointments
Required Approvals to Change Status Not applicable Not applicable
Benefits and University Pension Plan Eligibility Not applicable Not applicable
Vacation Policy Not applicable Not applicable
Maternity/Parental Not applicable Not applicable
Staff tuition assistance program Not applicable Not applicable
Staff dependent tuition waiver program Not applicable Not applicable
Written Notice of Termination Not applicable Not applicable