Retired Employees

Not finding what you’re looking for? McGill Human Resources has additional information for retired and former employees. Visit their website >>

McGill in China and Hong Kong

Alvin Chung, MA’99, director of the McGill University Hong Kong/Mainland China Representative Office, is happy to serve you in English or Chinese. Feel free to contact him at alvin [dot] chung [at] mail [dot] mcgill [dot] ca.

Campus Life

What’s on

Since our founding in the fall of 2009, the Campus Community Committee has staged a number of exciting and educational events on McGill’s two campuses. And the response has been phenomenal, with many of our meals, lectures and activities selling out. We’re always planning new events that, we hope, will continue to build camaraderie across the University.

For Volunteers

Backbone of the University

McGill couldn’t accomplish all that it does without the help of volunteers. Whether it’s staging a breakfast for faculty and staff or welcoming grads during Homecoming, there is no shortage of activities that would benefit from a few extra sets of hands. And the Campus Community Committee is no different.


Plug in

The people behind Seeds of Change and its projects are out there right now, making a difference. But you don’t have to take our word for it. You can take theirs.

The leaders of these individual projects will be blogging, tweeting, posting on Facebook, snapping photos and posting them on Flickr and much more. (We encourage all forms of self-expression!)

Seeds TV

The stars of Seeds of Change

Hey, we’ll admit it: we’re products of the TV generation. When we want to chill out, we usually find ourselves kicking back and watching a random episode of some reality show. (BTW, did you see the Jersey Shore when Snooki... um, never mind.)

You don’t have to feel guilty any longer, because you’ve stumbled upon Seeds TV. Check out the below videos to learn more about the Seeds of Change initiative and its partner projects. It’s the best possible reality television – stories of how McGill students are making the world a better place.

Tell Your Story

Stories of all sizes

Behind every Seeds of Change project, there are countless stories. We know some of these tales literally have to do with life-or-death situations or people overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles. But we’re also interested in the little ways that our partners are making an impact.


Get involved in whatever way you can

We believe in philanthropy in all its forms, whether that means making a donation, giving your time or just sharing an inspiring story. Help our projects make a difference!

Help wanted

Methods of Giving

There are many ways you can make a gift to your favourite Seeds project.  Options include cash, cheques, credit card payments, gifts of marketable securities and other assets.

Give online

To make a gift online, please use McGill's secure online giving form >>