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Library and Collections

The McGill University Library provides comprehensive information resources and services to meet the learning and research needs of all McGill students. With a collection of over six million items spread across 13 branches at its downtown and Macdonald campuses, the Library has the largest library collection in Quebec and is one of the largest academic libraries in Canada.

Computers are available in all branch libraries and run on the Windows XP operating system, giving student access to word-processing and data manipulation tools for assignments. The McGill branch libraries are also part of the McGill Wireless Zone, providing a secure environment for students to access the Internet and other online resources, such as courses, library materials and email. The Library also offers a range of orientation and training programs designed to show students how to find and evaluate information for research, course work and assignments. Their comprehensive website offers guides to facilitate the use of online information resources and research tools such as, the numerous databases providing online access to full-text journal articles. Students can access the Library’s online network from home or other locations on campus. Staff members are available to assist in person, via email, or through the Library’s online chat platform, ensuring that students have all the support they require.

A safe and secure hub for student life, the branch libraries are open up to 90 hours per week and the Humanities and Social Sciences Library is open 24 hours a day during the exam period.

McGill University Bookstore

The McGill University Bookstore is your resource for essential McGill gear, including an array of items created especially for parents.
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The McGill Bookstore is located at 3420 McTavish Street and can be reached by phone at 514-398-7444, or toll-free at 1-800-362-0320.
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The McGill Bookstore now offers rechargeable gift cards, making it easy for parents to provide their students with funds for the purchase of textbooks and other school supplies.

Students can buy and sell used textbooks by signing up online to receive notification of buyback periods. This is a practical way for students to save money throughout the duration of their studies. Students can also check the prices being offered for their used books.

Macdonald Campus Bookstore

The Macdonald Campus Students’ Society (MCSS) Bookstore, also known as Robber’s Roost, is located on the main floor of the Centennial Centre. The Bookstore has all textbooks, course packs and stationery that your student will need for courses on this campus. For students interested in second-hand textbooks, there is a Used Book Sale at the beginning of every semester and the store also carries McGill and Mac Campus gear.
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