FAQ - Financial Matters

How much will tuition be? How should fees be paid?
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The Student Accounts Office is your source for information about all matters relating to financial records. Visit their webpage to learn about different methods of payment, McGill’s fee schedule and other relevant information. Please note that electronic billing is the official means of delivering fee statements to all McGill students; no paper bill will be issued. Also, payment via credit card is NOT accepted.

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I will be paying my student’s tuition fees. Can I gain access to his/her financial records?
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Only students have access to the information contained in their online McGill account, such as fee and/or student loan information. Students may choose, however, to give access to the fee-related information in their account to another party. They can do so by completing the Consent for Release of Student Accounts Information Form.

How can I find information about financial aid for my student?
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The Scholarships and Student Aid Office aims to provide students with the financial resources necessary to help cover the cost of their McGill education. Get more information about government student aid programs, McGill loans and bursaries, undergraduate scholarship funding, debt management, budget counselling, and the Work Study program.


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