Kohur GowriSankaran

Kohur GowriSankaran will be a tough act to follow if he ever decides to leave McGill. The gifted mathematics and statistics professor has been a pillar at the University since he started teaching here in 1968, helping thousands of students reach their full potential.

Professor GowriSankaran has taken his commitment to McGill one step further by giving back financially to support the University. He has donated regularly to McGill through the Faculty and Staff Fund for the last 25 years, earmarking his contributions primarily to support the Edward Rosenthall Mathematics and Statistics Library. His wife, Dr. Chandra GowriSankaran, PhD’72, is also a loyal McGill supporter.

He stresses the importance of McGill faculty and staff members giving back to the University. “Actions speak louder than words, so we must set an example for graduates and friends by showing that we believe in McGill,” he says.

If that wasn’t enough, Professor GowriSankaran also volunteers his time to the University. He serves on Senate and the McGill Association of University Teachers (MAUT), and he sat on the Board of Governors for nine years.

 “There is nothing I wouldn’t do for McGill,” he says proudly. “It’s my home.”