Katherine Gray-Donald

Dr. Katherine Gray-Donald, BSc’69, PhD’84 has a long-standing connection to McGill. A two-time graduate of the University, she is now an associate professor at the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition.

But her connection to McGill is also a family affair: her father graduated from the Faculty of Engineering in 1926, her husband earned a BSc(Agr) in 1968, and both her father- and mother-in-law also attended the University. Dr. Gray-Donald’s daughter, Margaret, is the latest McGill grad in the family, earning her BA in Economics in 2008.

“You can say that McGill is a bit of a family tradition,” Dr. Gray-Donald says.

It’s not much of a surprise, then, that Dr. Gray-Donald is also a longstanding donor to McGill. While most of her donations are unrestricted – “the University knows what it needs best,” she explains – she has occasionally directed her gifts to support bursaries.

“Insufficient finances shouldn’t prevent bright students from being able to pursue a higher education,” she says.

Dr. Gray-Donald has a deep appreciation for the role McGill has played in her life. “McGill has given my family and I so much, so I am happy to give a little back.”