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Voyage of Discovery: Wonders of the Galapagos Islands

17 Jan 2016 00:00
26 Jan 2016 00:00
Experience a nature lover's dream destination on this 10-day jo urney to the Galápagos Islands. Take a five-night cruise aboard the first-cl ass small ship M.V. Santa Cruz, an exploration vessel equipped with a fle et of Zodiacs, a glass-bottom boat, certified onboard naturalists and co mplimentary snorkeling gear. On six islands, get up close to the exotic b irds, animals and plants - including species unknown elsewhere in the wor ld - that inspired Charles Darwin. Almost touch spiny backed iguanas. Snor kel alongside tropical penguins and sea lions.

Treasures of Southern Africa

20 Jan 2016 00:00
4 Feb 2016 00:00
Your journey through the breathtaking mountains and plains of S outh Africa's coastline begins with a scenic drive to the Cape of Good Hop e, home to the African penguins of Boulders Beach. Explore Cape Town and take in the spectacular views from Table Mountain. Visit Robben Island, w here the late Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years. Next, take a de luxe two-night journey to Johannesburg on the Rovos Rail. Visit the engros sing Apartheid Museum.

Treasures of South America

22 Jan 2016 00:00
3 Feb 2016 00:00
Discover the most scenic regions in Argentina and Chile on this10-night exploration that takes you from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Sa ntiago, Chile. Explore diverse neighborhoods in the European-influenced a mbience of Buenos Aires - from the fashionable Recoleta to La Boca, a col orful Italian harbor district. Continue to Bariloche, the gateway to Nahu el Huapi National Park, a two million-acre expanse of pristine Andean bea uty. Next, glide across Andean lakes to Chile. Visit a working ranch and take in Chile's national sport at an exciting rodeo.

Legends of the Nile

26 Jan 2016 00:00
6 Feb 2016 00:00
Delve into the heart of Egypt's unique cultural heritage and hi storic treasures on this 10-night trip. In Cairo, view royal mummies at t he renowned Egyptian Museum, discover the religious heritage of Coptic Ca iro and shop in the vibrant Khan el-Khalili bazaar. Journey to Giza and se e the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx. Cruise up the Nile River to the Luxorand Karnak temple complexes and the seemingly endless Valleys of the King s and Queens.

Cruise French Polynesia

4 Feb 2016 00:00
14 Feb 2016 00:00
Join us for nine nights in French Polynesia, the Society Islan ds and the Tuamotu Archipelago with seven nights aboard the award-winning M.S. Paul Gauguin. Boarding the only small ship designed to cruise the isl ands, atolls and motus of Tahiti and French Polynesia, cruise from Papee te to Huahine. Visit two remote, sun-drenched atoll reefs in the TuamotusIslands. Enjoy extraordinary visibility and colour while scuba diving or snorkeling in the lagoons at Fakarava, the site of the UNESCO Biosphere R eserve. Next, explore Rangiroa, the world's second-largest atoll.

Australia, Tasmania & New Zealand

21 Feb 2016 00:00
9 Mar 2016 00:00
Discover ruggedly glorious scenery, cosmopolitan cities and ca ptivating aboriginal heritage while cruising aboard Oceania Cruises' elega nt Marina from Sydney to Auckland. Relax on Eden's golden beaches, explor e Geelong's charming waterfront and admire Melbourne's graceful Victorian architecture. Take in the timeless natural treasures of Tasmania, where H obart - Australia's second-oldest city - beckons with handsome Georgian ar chitecture and majestic views of Mount Wellington. Then cruise the glassy waters of Milford Sound fjord past towering cliffs swathed in forests.

Myanmar: Irrawaddy River Cruise

12 Mar 2016 00:00
23 Mar 2016 00:00
Board our deluxe cruiser and visit parts of Myanmar that are ac cessible only by river and are rarely seen by westerners. Asian culture an d history expert Paula Swart leads this exclusive whole ship charter for t he Canadian University Alumni Community. Watch the sun set over the goldenspires of Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. Tour the extensive Plain of Templesat Bagan. Admire the marble slabs of the world's biggest book in Mandalay . See pagodas built of solid gold bricks, beautiful teak monasteries and splendid gold leaf Buddha images. Converse with monks and explore village markets.

Waterways & Canals of Holland & Belgium

14 Apr 2016 00:00
22 Apr 2016 00:00
Experience the waterways of Holland and Belgium firsthand, adm iring the view from your luxurious cabin aboard the MS Amadeus Silver. Aft er starting off with an evening cruise through the scenic canals of Amster dam, you will have a choice of included excursions in many ports of call.In Amsterdam, stroll through renowned Keukenhof Gardens, bike through p icturesque Waterland or see Rembrandt's masterpieces at the Rijksmuseum. E njoy stops at the charming Giethoorn and the well-preserved Kampen. In TheHague and Delft, tour the works at the Mauritshuis or take a closer lookat Delft's canals.

American Queen: New Orleans to Memphis

24 Apr 2016 00:00
2 May 2016 00:00
Experience the unique grandeur of the American South as you cru ise the Mississippi River aboard the majestic American Queen. Begin in NewOrleans, where the well-preserved French Quarter charms with beautiful w rought-iron balconies, colourful courtyard gardens and Creole-style build ings. Then board the American Queen, the largest and most opulent riverbo at in the world, and cruise to picturesque cities in Louisiana, Mississi ppi and Tennessee. Admire the elegant Greek revival mansion at Oak Alley P lantation, and stroll beneath the canopies of 300-year-old oak trees. Exp lore St.

The Inland Sea of Japan

5 May 2016 00:00
15 May 2016 00:00
Experience the timeless splendor of Japan and South Korea cruis ing the full length of the tranquil Inland Sea of Japan on the exclusivelychartered five-star small ship M.S. Le Soléal. This round trip from Osaka t o historic ports in Japan and Ulsan, South Korea includes stops at four c aptivating UNESCO World Heritage sites. In the enchanting city of Kyoto, visit opulent temples and the Nijo Castle, an imperial gem. Admire Okayam a's lush Korakuen Garden, one of the top formal landscape gardens in Japa n. Walk in the imposing Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima.

Grand Empires: Cruise from Venice to Nice

17 May 2016 00:00
2 Jun 2016 00:00
This 13-night voyage aboard the first-class MV Aegean Odyssey o ffers unique access to remote inlets, quiet harbors and the treasures of Italy, Croatia, Greece and the French Riviera. Start with two nights in Venice, where you will have an exclusive after-hours visit to Saint Mark' s Basilica. Explore the Ducal Palace in Urbino and see the birthplace of t he painter Raphael. In Split, visit the palace built by the Roman EmperorDiocletian. Cruise to the Greek island of Corfu then make a stop at Taorm ina, Italy.

Italy's Magnificent Lake District

17 May 2016 00:00
25 May 2016 00:00
Discover Italy's turquoise lakes and the charming towns, majes tic Renaissance villas and lush gardens on their shores. Explore Lake Ortawhere it lies in the mountains. Admire the spectacular frescoes on the is land of San Giulio. Visit baroque villas in the beautiful Borromean Island s. See rare birds, exotic gardens and an antique-filled 16th-century pala ce. Cruise Lake Maggiore and Lake Como by private boat. Take in Leonardo d a Vinci's The Last Supper and the opulent 14th-century Duomo in the vibran t city of Milan.

Village Life in Dordogne

19 May 2016 00:00
27 May 2016 00:00
Experience the provincial character of Dordogne while staying i n Sarlat-la-Canéda, one of the most beautiful and well-preserved medieval v illages in France. Your home for the week will be the Plaza Madeleine Hôtel,a grand 19th-century townhouse. Discover the region's charming villages,medieval castles and prehistoric treasures. See the medieval pilgrimage s ite of Rocamadour and the English-style Gardens of Eyrignac. Marvel at theperfect replica cave art in Lascaux II and the fascinating prehistoric ca ve paintings of Rouffignac. Enjoy a performance of French folk music and d ance.

Cruise the Face of Europe

26 May 2016 00:00
10 Jun 2016 00:00
Cruising down the Rhine, Main and Danube waterways showcases t he best of Europe. For 14 nights, the exclusively chartered, award-win ning MS Amadeus Silver takes you through peaceful countryside, past story book villages and fairy-tale castles. Have your choice of included excursi ons at most ports. Begin your adventure in the Netherlands with an eveningcruise on Amsterdam's scenic canals. In Germany, explore historic Cologn e, Koblenz, Miltenberg and Würzburg, where the 18th-century Residenz was hom e to the city's prince-bishops.

In the Wake of the Vikings: Scotland to Denmark

8 Jun 2016 00:00
16 Jun 2016 00:00
Join us for a unique nine-day journey to remote, rarely visite d destinations in Scotland's Inner Hebridean, Orkney and Shetland Islandsand Norway's majestic coastal fjords. Sail from Glasgow, Scotland to Cop enhagen, Denmark aboard the exclusively chartered five-star small ship MSLe Boréal. Tracing the wake of early Viking explorers, cruise into ports a ccessible only to small ships. Then take the Jacobite steam train through the Scottish Highlands. Visit Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands and prehistor ic Jarlshof in the Shetland Islands.