Health and Dental Insurance

Protect your health...and wallet

Nowadays, it seems like there are more medical expenses than ever before that aren’t covered by provincial health care plans. If you don't have a company health plan, you could face substantial medical costs in some situations, or limit yourself to minimal health and dental care when you need it most.

There for you

At the McGill Alumni Association, we want to prevent this from happening to you and your family. That's why we offer our health and dental plan, which gives you excellent protection at low group rates. The plan is customized to suit your needs and budget and is available to alumni and their spouses, residing in Canada, as well as any dependent children under the age of 21.

Your one-stop shop

On the Manulife website, designed exclusively for McGill alumni, you can apply for coverage, calculate your insurance needs, or get information on the many types of coverage available. Visit the site >>

Still have questions?

Existing customers: please call Manulife Financial at 1-800-668-0195. (In Toronto, please call 416-229-3000.)

New inquiries on health and dental products: please call Manulife Financial at 1-866-842-5757 (health and dental insurance inquiries only).

Alternatively, you can contact Alumni Services at 514-398-3125 or 1-800-567-5175, ext. 3125 (toll-free). Or email us >>