Public Lecture on Global Food Security: Strategies against Food Ins ecurity and Hunger


8 Oct 2013 17:00
Focusing on strategies and solutions against food insecurity an d hunger, propelled by McGill's longstanding dedication and expertise in agriculture and environment, nutrition, and food security, the Conferen ce provides a unique forum to foster a global paradigm shift; a shift tow ards convergence of understanding and commitment to reduce hunger and maln utrition. The Fifth McGill Conference on Global Food Security once agai n highlighted the fact that world food security must remain an internation al priority and that the current momentum for action and investment must b e sustained in order to respond adequately to the protracted food crisis a nd the further challenges to food security. Global agricultural research a nd development systems must result in increased agricultural production, commercialization and income generation for small holders to improve not j ust lives but livelihoods. The Fifth Global Food Security Public Lectu re drew over 250 participants from all fields of interest to examine the c hallenges of food prices and political instability. The 2013 Public Lectur e promises to be as impactful.
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