Lymphoma, Leukemia & other Hematological Cancers - Understanding your Blood


26 Nov 2013 18:30
This is the second lecture of the series presented by The Rosal ind and Morris Goodman Cancer Research Centre: Cancer: A Disease of a Thousand Faces Facilitator: Nicole Beauchemin, PhD 'The Best LymphomaTherapies in 2013' Nathalie A. Johnson, MD PhD, FRCPC Assistant Profe ssor, McGill University Department of Medicine and Oncology, JGH 'Ho w Does Lymphoma Feed Itself?' Russell Jones, PhD Assistant Professor,GCRC, McGill University 'Hard-won Successes in the Treatment of AcuteLeukemia: Early In-roads of Personalized Medicine' Sarit Assouline, MDC M, MSc, FRCPC Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, McGill Uni versity Associate Director Clinical Research Unit, Segal Cancer Centre,JGH Testimonial
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