Grand Danube Passage - featuring Prague & Sofia


15 Sep 2013 00:00
30 Sep 201300:00
Experience Eastern European culture, marvelous old-world capit als, ornate cathedrals and picturesque villages as you cruise the celebra ted Grand Danube Passage for eight nights aboard the exclusively charteredMS Amadeus Brilliant. Discover enthralling scenery in eight countries and12 cities and towns on the winding 'king of Europe's rivers,' and see an cient capitals, Roman ruins, magnificent churches, palaces and medievalcastles in Vienna, Budapest, Vidin and Belgrade, among others. Explorethe Jewish Quarter and Old Town during your three-night stay in Prague. S ail through the breathtaking vineyard-clad Wachau Valley, the Carpathian Mountains' dramatic cliffs, the twisting, narrow Danube Bend, and the f ormidable Iron Gate Gorge. Conclude this program of unparalleled beauty am ong the tree-shaded boulevards of Sofia, Bulgaria's capital, and admire the city whose name means wisdom. Amenities include lectures by local expe rts to enhance your insight into the region, luxury accommodations, an e xtensive meal plan, wine with dinner, and time for independent explorati on.
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