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Graduate Students


Sarah Bean (BA Anthropology, McGill University; Ontario Graduate Certificate, Museum Management and Curatorship, Sir Sandford Fleming College)
Interests: Human evolution in Canadian museums
Region: Canada
Supervisor: Bisson and Brian Alters (education)

Sébastien Bluteau (BA, MA Psychology)
Interests: Prescription practices, ethnopsychiatry, youth populations
Region: North America
Ethnic Group: North American youth populations
Supervisor: Young

Fredric Hohlen

C. Wesley Mattox (BA History and Anthropology, Vanderbilt University)
Interests: Intra-Urban Organization and Differentiation at Tiwanaku, Bolivia Archaeology, Early Urbanism, Ceramics, Materiality
Region: Highland Andes
Supervisor: Couture

Stanley Riamit

Jessika Tremblay (BA Anthropology, McGill University)
Interests: Technology and development, pastoralism, social change
Region: East Africa
Ethnic Group: Maasai
Supervisor: Salzman

Letha Victor (BA Political Science and Anthropology, University of British Columbia)
Thesis: “Women of the Lord’s Resistance Army: Agency, Resistance, and Justice”
Interests: War, gender-based violence, transitional justice, social memory, child and youth soldiers
Regions: Uganda, central and east Africa
Ethnic Group: Acholi
Supervisor: Niezen

Annick Thomassin (BA, MA anthropology, Université Laval)
Thesis: Co-management of Marine Environment: Power Relationships between Scientific and Indigenous Knowledge - The Case of Masig, Torres Strait, Australia
Interests: Fisheries, Co-management systems, Indigenous voices, IK, Indigenous communities / government / scientist relationships
Region: Torres Strait, Australia
Ethnic Group: Torres Strait Islanders
Supervisor: Scott


Kim Armstrong (BA, MA Anthropology, University of Alberta)
Interests: Conflict, displacement, humanitarianism, discourse analysis, post-structuralism
Region: Northern Uganda
Supervisor: Galaty

Christopher Ames (BA Anthropology, University of British Columbia; MA Anthropology, McGill University)
Thesis: “Unearthing the Origins of Human Behaviour: Paleoenvironmental Change and Hominid/Human Occupation in the Azraq Druze Basin, Jordan”
Interests: Archaeology, climate change, behavioural evolution, Geographic Information Systems
Regions: Jordan, British Columbia
Supervisors: Costopoulos (McGill) & C.E. Cordova (Oklahoma State University)
Website: http://sites.google.com/site/amesarchaeology/

Julia Bailey (BA International Development Studies, MSc Social Anthropology)
Interests: Gender, land reform, livelihoods
Region: Kenya
Ethnic Group: Maasai
Supervisor: Galaty

Amy Barnes (BA Philosophy+Studio Art, University of Guelph)
Interests: Ethnographic method, conversion
Ethnic Group/People Studied: Carmelites
Supervisor: Kohn

Jennifer Bracewell (BA Anthropology, Minor Canadian History, McGill University; MA Comparative Art and Archaeology, University College London)
Thesis: “Use and Re-Use: Monuments in Neolithic and Iron Age Northern Finland”
Interests: Monuments; cognitive archaeology; history of archaeology; ritual; Sub-Arctic Hunter-Gatherers
Regions: Finland and James Bay
Supervisor: Costopolous
Website: http://mcgillanthro.googlepages.com/calmembers

Gregory M. Brass (BA Anthropology / Museum Studies UBC; MA Anthropology, McGill University)
Thesis: “The Social Life of Cancer in Eeyou Istchee (James Bay Cree) Communities”
Interests: medical anthropology, medical pluralism, narrative, cancer, development
Regions: Canadian Subarctic - northern Quebec
Ethnic Groups: James Bay Cree, Indigenous Peoples of North America
Supervisor: Stevenson

Maria Eugenia Brockmann-Rojas (BA Social Work & Sociology, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile; MA Anthropology, McGill University)
Thesis: Constructing ‘inigenism’: Polity and Identity in Bolivia’s ‘Government of Social Movements’”
Interests: Indigeneity, identities, social movements, nationalism
Region: Bolivia
Supervisor: Norget

Nicolas Cadieux (BA Classics, BEd History, University of Ottawa; MSc Anthropology, Université de Montréal)
Thesis: “The La Grande Complex, the Initial Occupation and Lithic Distribution Networks of Northern Quebec”
Interests: Archaeology, La Grande Complex, Initial occupation, Settlement patterns, Lithic distribution networks, Prehistoric exchange systems
Region: Northern Québec
Supervisor: Costopoulos
Website: archeotec.ca

Jennifer Campbell (BA English and Creative Writing, University of Calgary; MA Anthropology, McGill University)
Interests: Ritual, material culture and aesthetics, memory and the senses, ethnographic writing and film
Regions: Roussillon (France), Northern Catalonia, Western Europe
Supervisors: Norget and Vaccaro

Laura Chassaigne (BA Art History and Archaeology, McGill University; MA Comparative Art, Institute of Archaeology, University College London)
Thesis: “Decoration or Notation? A Study of Marked Objects from the Early Upper Paleolithic of France”
Interests: Paleolithic archaeology, symbolism, gender archaeology
Region: Southwest France
Supervisors: Bisson / Couture

Janet Childerhose (BA Anthropology, University of Waterloo; MA University of Toronto, Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology)
Thesis: “Genetic discrimination: Biography of an American Problem”
Interests: Body modification; Consumption theory; Health social movements; Ontology of biomedical objects
Region: United States
Supervisor: Lock

Gillian Annair Chilibeck (BA Anthropology, University of Alberta; MA anthropology, McGill University)
Interests: Medical anthropology, death, grief, genetic risk, kinship, gendered ethics/politics of care
Regions: North America, Northern India
Supervisor: Stevenson

Benjamin Collins (BA Anthropology, University of Manitoba; MA Anthropology, University of Alberta)
Region: Spain
Ethnic Group/People Studied: Neandertals
Supervisor: Costopoulos

Jennifer Cuffe (BSc Biochemistry and Anthropology, MA Medical Anthropology, McGill University)
Thesis: “Medicine, Multiculturalism, and Managerialism: How Government Scientists Evaluate the Efficacy of Traditional and Alternative Medicines”
Interests: Medical anthropology, anthropology of science, efficacy, number, bureaucracy, emotion
Region: Canada
Supervisor: Young

Laurie Denyer Willis (BAH International Development, Guelph University; MS Urban Studies and Planning, MIT)
Interests: Public health, gender, maternal technologies, violence
Region: Brazil
Supervisor: Hyde

Sean P.A. Desjardins (BA Anthropology, New College of Florida; MSc Anthropology, University of Toronto)
Interests: Hunter-gatherers, trade, zooarchaeology
Region: North American Arctic
Ethnic Group: Thule Inuit
Supervisor: Savelle

Geneviève Dionne (MA Anthropology, Northern Arizona University)
Thesis: “How ‘Agency’ Makes a Complex Organisation Work: A Journey in Everyday Practices at the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)”
Interests: Anthropology of development, alternative development, organisational culture, FAO, livelihoods approaches, practice theory, ethnography, complex organisations
Supervisor: Galaty

E. Dirlikov (BS Biology/Chinese Studies, Anthropology Minor, University of Michigan; MA Medical Anthropology, McGill University)
Thesis: “Persistent Pathogen: The Reemergence of Tuberculosis in Post-Socialist China”
Interests: Medical Anthropology, infectious disease epidemiology, health policy & practices, uncertainty
Regions: Hong Kong and Rural China
Supervisor: Hyde

Gabriella Djerrahian (BA, MSc Anthropologie, Université de Montréal)
Thesis: “Ethiopians Making Their Way: Hip-Hop and the Emergence of ‘Blacks’ in Israel”
Interests: Youth Culture, Integration, Racism
Region: Israel
Supervisor: Manoukian

Jessica M. Dolan (BA Social and Historical Inquiry, New School for Social Research; MSc Ethnobotany, University of Kent at Canterbury)
Thesis: “Historical Ecology of Haudenosaunee Territory: Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Landscapes”
Interests: Environmental anthropology; Cultural transmission; Ethnobiology; Ethnobotany; Politics of representation; Photography
Regions: Six Nations of the Grand River, Ontario; Native cultures of northeastern North America; Ireland
Supervisor: Costopoulos

Deanna Dytchkowskyj (BA Anthropology, McGill University; MA Anthropology, University of Toronto)
Interests: Prehistoric Archaeology, Sub-Arctic Hunter-Gatherers, Indigenous Archaeology
Regions: Finland, Siberia, Northern Quebec
Supervisor: Costopoulos

G. el-Dardiry (BA Anthropology, McGill University; MHSc, Health Sciences, University of Toronto)
Interests: Refugees, forced migration, political violence, development
Region: Middle East
Ethnic Groups: Palestinian and Iraqi refugees
Supervisor: Galaty

Marie-Pierre Gadoua (BSc Anthropology, Université de Montréal; MA Anthropology, McGill University)
Thesis: “Anthropology of Ancestral Inuit in the Canadian Arctic: A Material Culture Study of Prehistoric Thule Whaling Societies”
Interests: Material culture theory, museum anthropology, prehistoric archaeology, hunter-gatherer technology, oral history
Regions: Nunavik, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Alaska
Ethnic Groups: Thule, Inuit, Inupiat, Yup'ik
Supervisor: Savelle

Pascal Gaudette

Hannah Gilbert (BA Mount Holyoke College; MA Medical Anthropology, McGill University)
Interests: Medical anthropology
Regions: Senegal, Burkina Faso
Supervisor: Nguyen

P. Godoy-Paiz (BA Anthropology, Health & Society; MA Social Anthropology, York University)
Thesis: “Women and Violence in Urban Post-War Guatemala”
Interests: Violence, Social Suffering, Gender
Region: Guatemala
Supervisor: Norget

Gillian Gregory (BA Anthropology and Creative Writing, University of Alberta; MA Anthropology, McGill University)
Interests: Political ecology, ethnohistory, natural resource conservation, protected area management, indigenous rights movement
Regions: Latin America and Caribbean (Guyana)
Ethnic Groups: Patamuna and Arawak
Supervisors: Niezen and Vaccaro

Neha Gupta (Hon. BSc Archaeological Sciences, University of Toronto; MSc GIS and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology, University College, London)
Thesis: "Behind the frontline: local communities, national interests and the practice of Indian archaeology"
Interests: Local-national relations; practice of archaeology; GIS for teaching and research
Supervisor: Costopoulos
Website: Neha Gupta

Randy Hahn (BSc Archaeology and Geography, Univeristy of Lethbridge; MA Anthropology, McGill University)
Interests: Archaeology, Ritual, Politics, Power
Region: Peruvian North Coast
Supervisor: Couture

Sarah Merina Hazell (Hons. BA, MSc Anthropology, University of Toronto)
Thesis: “Thule Expansionists: Determining the Motivation and Timing of Ancestral Inuit into the Canadian High Arctic”
Interests: Artic Archaeology, Thule-Dorset Interaction, Migrations, Culture Change, Zooarchaeology
Regions: High Arctic: Resolute Bay, Nunavut
Ethnic Group: Thule people (ancestral Inuit)
Supervisor: Savelle

Casey Hilliard (BS Biology, MA Anthropology)
Thesis: “Producing Healthy Individuals in Malaysia: The Production and Consumption of Health and Wellness among Malay Women”
Interests: Critical social theory, global capitalism, consumption studies
Region: Malaysia
Supervisor: Hyde

David L.R. Houston (MA Anthropology, McGill University)
Thesis: “Accidental Fame: Social Context and the Internet in the Tourist-based Economy of the Caribbean”
Interests: Tourism, ICT, Development, Sexuality, Gender
Region: Caribbean, Sint Maarten/Saint Martin
Supervisor: Attwood

Noor Johnson (BA Development Studies, Brown University; MA Public Anthropology, American University)
Thesis: “Inuit ‘Participation’ in Climate Change Governance: From Clyde River to Copenhagen”
Interests: Governance, institutions, social/environmental change, activism, networks, politics of knowledge
Regions: Arctic/global networks and institutions
People Studied: Inuit, qallunaat, scientists, researchers, policymakers, activists
Supervisor: Niezen

Ian Kalman (BA, University of Chicago)
Interests: Borders, indigeneity, law, ethnohistory
Region: North America
Ethnic Group: Haudenosaunee
Supervisor: Niezen

Anne-Elise Keen (BA Sociology-Anthropology and Spanish, Gustavus Adolphus College; MA Social Anthropology, University of Kent at Canterbury)
Interests: Land tenure management, conflict, pastoralism
Regions: Sub-Saharan Africa, Cameroon
Supervisor: Galaty

Hanna Kienzler (MA Anthropology, Eberhard-Karls Universität Tübingen)
Thesis: “The Differential Impacts of War, Trauma, and Gender in Kosovar Albanian Women Living in Post-War Kosova”
Interests: Medical anthropology, trauma-related disorders, violence, gender
Region: Kosova
Supervisor: Young

Erica Michelle Lagalisse (MA Anthropology, Concordia University)
Interests: Social movements, post-marxism, anarchism, indigenism, gender
Region: Las Amerikas
Supervisor: Norget

Olivier Larocque

David Lessard (MSc Anthropology, Université de Montréal)
Thesis: “Formalization of Identity, a Diversity of Experiences and the Emergence of a Cree Community in Québec Abitibi”
Interests: Social and Cultural Anthropology, History of Colonialism, Development and Bureaucracies, Formalization of Identity
Regions: Northern Québec and Ontario
Supervisor: Scott

Sophie Llewelyn (BA, Political Science, University of Toronto; MSc Rural Extension Studies, University of Guelph)
Interests: Globalization, ecological agriculture, peasant movements, social and environmental change
Region: India
Supervisor: Attwood

Susan Lofthouse (BA Archaeology, University of Toronto; MA archaeology, McGill University)
Thesis: "Palaeoeskimo Subsistence Strategies and Social Complexity in the Eastern Canadian Arctic"
Interests: Arctic archaeology, zooarchaeology, cultural ecology, hunter-gatherer theory
Region: Canadian Arctic (Foxe Basin)
Supervisor: Savelle

Jennifer Paige MacDougall
Interests: Sign Language
Supervisor: Niezen

S. Matter (BA Anthropology, University of Alberta; MA Anthropology, McGill University)
Thesis: “Socio-cultural politics of rural poverty and resource governance in Kenya's Rift Valley”
Interests: politics, development, governance, corruption, indigenous rights, post-foraging communities
Region: Kenya
Ethnic Groups: Dorobo, Maasai
Supervisor: Galaty

Ivet Reyes Maturano (BA Social Anthropology, Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia (ENAH), Mexico City; MA Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam)
Thesis: A Study of Modernity in the Upper Watershed of Los Cajonos Area of the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca, Mexico concentrating in two villages: Yalalag and Santiago Zoochila and how their demographic exodus has shaped their ecological and cultural landscapes
Interests: Migration, identity, landscape
Regions: The Upper Watershed of Los Cajonos Area of the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca, Mexico
Ethnic Group: Zapotecs
Supervisor: Vaccaro

Karen McAllister (BSc Biochemistry and Microbiology, MES (Master of Environmental Studies), Dalhousie University)
Thesis: “Shifting rights, resources and representations: projects, plantations and the transformation of upland communities in northern Laos”
Interests: Development, environment, agrarian transition, property and land tenure rights, farmer decision-making
Region: Laos
Ethnic Groups: Khmu, Lao, Hmong
Supervisor: Galaty

Lori McFadyen (MA Anthropology)
Thesis: “This Child of Ours: Shifting Perspectives of Childhood and Childhood Responsibilities in Northern India”
Interests: Childhood, Development, Economic, Medical
Region: Indian Himalaya -- Jaunpur/Jaunsar-Bawar
Supervisor: Attwood
Website: www.Kanhaiyahouse.ca

Pierre Minn (BA Anthropology, Yale University; MA Medical Anthropology, McGill University)
Thesis: “‘Where They Need Me’: International Medical Aid and the Politics of Reciprocity in Haiti”
Interests: Medical anthropology, humanitarianism, philanthropy, global health movements
Regions: Haiti, Dominican Republic, North America
Supervisor: Young

Stephen Moiko (BA Anthropology, University of Nairobi; MA Anthropology, McGill University)
Interests: Development, Land tenure, Pastoralism, Common Property Systems (CPRs), Property Rights
Regions: East-Africa, Rural Kenya
Ethnic Group: Maasai
Supervisor: Galaty

Wren Nasr (MA Anthropology, McGill University)

Colin Nielsen (BA Anthropology, McGill University; MSc Archaeology, University College London)
Interests: Archaeology, GIS, Maritime Adaptations, Lithics, Exchange and interaction
Region: James Bay
Ethnic Groups: Contemporary Cree and Prehistoric Hunter-gatherers
Supervisor: Costopoulos
Website: http://mcgillanthro.googlepages.com/colinnielsen

Ieva Paberzyte (BA Archaeology, Vilnius University; MA Archaeology, McGill University)
Interests: Archaeological Theory, Soviet Archaeology, History of Archeology, Ethnoarchaeology, Research Ethics, Field Photography
Regions: Northern Quebec, Northern Europe
Ethnic Groups: Northern peoples
Supervisor: Costopoulos
Website: http://mcgillanthro.googlepages.com/calmembers

Karine Peschard (BA Anthropology and History, McGill University; MA International Studies, University of Northern British Columbia)
Thesis: “Biological Dispossession: An Ethnography of Resistance to Transgenic Seeds Among Small Farmers in Southern Brazil”
Interests: Globalization, Biotechnology, Intellectual Property Rights, Social Movements
Region: Brazil
Supervisor: Nguyen

Boris V. Petrov (BA Psychology, Vassar College; MA History and Philosophy of Science, University of Toronto; MA History of Medicine, Yale University)
Interests: medical anthropology, anthropology of biomedical knowledge, emotion, history of the behavioral sciences, cultural memory
Region: North America
Supervisor: Rees

Carolina Pineda (BA French and Anthropology, MA Anthropology, University of Western Ontario)
Thesis): “Chronic Illness in Canada: The Case of Individuals Living with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) in and around Montreal”
Interests: Ethnography, chronic illness, politics of health, critical disability studies, gender studies, narrative
Regions: Canada, Quebec
Supervisor: Niezen

Nicole Rigillo (BA anthropology, University of Toronto; MA anthropology, Concordia University)
Interests: Medical anthropology, new reproductive technologies, gender
Region: India
Supervisor: Stevenson

Remy Rouillard (MA Anthropology, McGill University)
Interests: Indigenous Peoples and the Oil Industry
Region: Russian Arctic
Supervisor: Niezen

K. Scott (MA Anthropology, McGill University)
Interests: Indigenous knowledge, development, protected areas, community heritage and local museums
Region: Eastern James Bay
Ethnic Group: James Bay Cree
Supervisor: Scott
Website: www.wemindjiprotectedarea.org

Amber Lee Silva (BA Anthropology and Archaeology, SUNY Potsdam; MA Anthropology, McGill University)
Interests: Religion, migration, ethnohistory, conflict studies
Regions: Europe and post-U.S.S.R.
Ethnic Group: Russian Old Believer diaspora
Supervisor: Niezen

Morgen Smith
Interests: Fisheries
Region: Alaska
Supervisor: Scott

S. Thiam (BA Anthropology, University of Michigan; MA Medical Anthropology, McGill University)
Thesis: “Local Universals and Global Interventions: Childhood in Question among Qur’anic students of West Africa”
Interests: Humanitarianism, childhood, children's rights, education
Regions: West Africa, Senegal, Mali
Supervisor: Hyde

Takeshi Uesugi (MA Anthropology, McGill University)
Interests: Medical anthropology
Region: Vietnam
Supervisors: Corin and Young

Claudine Vallières (BA Anthropology, McGill University; MA Archaeology, Simon Fraser University)
Thesis: “Investigation of social differences in Tiwanaku barrios: a zooarchaeological approach”
Interests: Zooarchaeology, anthropology of food, domestic archaeology
Regions: Andes, Titicaca basin, Bolivia
Supervisor: Couture

Pétur Waldorff (BA Anthropology, University of Iceland; MA anthropology, McGill University)
Interests: Development, Post-war reconstruction, Poverty, Civil Society
Region: Angola
Supervisor: Galaty

Cameron Welch (BA, Native studies/Comparative development studies, Trent University; MA, Anthropology, University of Guelph)
Thesis: “From !Noresi to N+a Jaqna: CBNRM, Social and Environmental Change in Tsumkwe District West, Namibia”
Interests: Community-based natural resource management, Indigenous rights, land reform, development
Regions: Southern Africa, Namibia
Supervisor: Galaty

Wilson Will (BA International Public Health (self-designed major), Pomona College; MSc Social Anthropology, London School of Economics; Hospital Chaplain Residency, University of Pennsylvania)
Thesis: Making Hospital Chaplains in an Age of Biomedicine
Interests: Medical anthropology, religion, epistemology, death, discourse, phenomenology
Region: United States
Supervisor: Corin