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Gwen Bennett

Assistant Professor

Joint appointment with East Asian Studies
Ph.D University of California, Los Angeles, 2002

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Stephen Leacock Building, Room 736
855 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 2T7

Tel.: 514-398-4044
Fax: 514-398-7476

gwen [dot] bennett [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)
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Research Interests

Archaeology of China and East Asia, regional survey, landscape archaeology, complex societies, craft production, lithic analysis, identity, museums, present-day use of archaeology, the Silk Road, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Xinjiang and NE China.  Two ongoing field projects: a regional survey in Chengdu, Sichuan and a reanalysis of ceramics from 200-1200 CE collected by a regional survey in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia.

Representative Publications

Peer Refereed Books:

Bennett, G.P. 1985. A Bibliography of Illinois Archaeology. (356 pages) Illinois State Museum Monographs in Archaeology 22.

Articles in Peer-Refereed Journals / Series:

Bennett, G.P. 2007a “Context and meaning in late Neolithic lithic production in China: the Longshan period in southeastern Shandong Province,” in Rethinking Production: Archaeological Analyses of the Social Meaning of Manufacture. Archaeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association, No. 17, edited by Zachary Hruby and Rowan K. Flad, pp. 52-67. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Horsley, Timothy J., Rowan K. Flad, Gwen P. Bennett, Li Shuicheng, Jiang Zhanghua et Pochan Chen. 2009. “Investigating ancient landscapes and settlement patterns in the Chengdu Plain, Sichuan, China.” Extended abstract. ArchéoSciences [En ligne] , 33 (suppl.) | 2009 , mis en ligne le 30 Octobre 2011, URL : http://archeosciences.revues.org/1557

Chengdu Pingyuan kaogu diaochadui / Chengdu Plain Archaeological Survey Project (Rowan K. Flad: Jiang Zhanghua 江章华; Gwen Bennett; Timothy Horsley; Chen Pochan 陈伯桢, Joshua Wright). 2009. Chengdu pingyuan quyu kaogu diaocha 2005-2007 / Archaeological survey in the Chengdu Plain 2005-2007. Nanfang Minzu Kaogu 南方民族考古 (Southern ethnoarchaeology) 6: 255-278.

Ta La, Guo Zhizhong, Wang Renwang, Zhang Wenping, Zhu Yanping, Yang Jianhua, Teng Mingyu, Wang Lixin, Kathryn Linduff, Robert Drennan, Gregory Indrisano, Elaine Griesheimer, Charlene Suwan, Gideon Shelach, Gwen Bennett. 2003. "Neimenggu Chifeng diqu 1999 nian yuxing kaogu diaocha baogao / Regional Archaeological Surveys in the Chifeng Area, Inner Mongolia, in 1999)”. Kaogu 考古 (; Archaeology) 2003.5: 24-34.

Underhill, A., Gary Feinman, Linda Nicholas, Gwen Bennett, Fengshu Cai, Haiguang Yu, Fengshi Luan, Hui Fang. 2002a. “Regional Survey and the development of complex societies in southeastern Shandong, China.” Antiquity 76: 745-55.

Fang Hui, Luan Fengshi, Yu Haiguang, Cai Fengshu, Anne Underhill, Gary Feinman, Linda Nicholas, Gwen Bennett. 2002b. “Shandong Rizhao diqu xitong quyu diaocha de xin shouhuo 山东日照地区系统区域调查的新收获(New Achievements in a Systematic Regional Survey of the Rizhao Area in Shandong).” Kaogu 考古 (Archaeology) 2002.5: 10-18.

Underhill, A., Gary Feinman, Linda Nicholas, Gwen Bennett, Fengshu Cai, Haiguang Yu, Fengshi Luan, Hui Fang. 1998. “Systematic Regional Survey in SE Shandong Province, China.” Journal of Field Archaeology 25: 453-474.

Cai Fengshu, Yu Haiguang, Luan Fengshi, Fang Hui, Anne Underhill, Gary Feinman, Linda Nicholas, Gwen Bennett. 1997. “Neimenggu Rizhao Liangchengzhen diqu ke Kaogu diaocha 山东日照市两诚镇地区的考古调查 (Archaeological Survey in the Rizhao City Region, Shandong).” Kaogu 考古 (Archaeology) 1997.4: 1-17.

Articles / Chapters in Peer Refereed Books:

Bennett, G.P. 2010. “Stone Tools and Style in Chinese Archaeology: Zhongba Lithic Artifacts and Cultural Interaction in the Yangzi River Valley”. In Style and Material in Bronze-Age China, edited by Ying Wang, pp. 51-75. Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press.

Bennett, G.P. 2009. “Liangchengzhen and Haidai region landscape archaeology,” In Research on the Liangchengzhen site, edited by Luan Fengshi, pp. 217-226. Beijing: Cultural Relics Press.)

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Bennett, G.P., and Naomi Standen. 2011. “Archaeological and historical views of the Liao (10th to 12th centuries) borderlands in northeast China”. In The Archaeology of Borderlands, edited by David Mullins, pp. 80-98. Oxbow Publishers.

Submitted / Under Review for Peer Refereed Publications:

Bennett, G.P. In press. “Chinese national history and identity narratives and cultural heritage interpretation in Xinjiang,” chapter, 22 pages+figures, for Archaeology, regimes, and revolutions: power, violence, and labor in Eurasia between the ancient and the modern, edited by Charles Hartley, G. Bike Yazıcıoğlu and Adam T. Smith. Cambridge University Press. (Final proofs submitted to publishers and accepted March 2011).

Bennett, G.P. In revision. “Squeezing salt from stone: Zhongba lithics, social organization, interaction, and environmental degradation,” chapter, 25 pages+figures, for Salt archaeology, Volume Three (Yanye kaogu di san ben, edited by Lothar von Falkenhausen and Li Shuicheng. Berkeley: UC Press and Beijing: Science Press.

Bennett, G.P., and Naomi Standen. In revision. “Difficult histories: changing presentations of the Liao in PRC regional museums over three decades”. Article, approx. 20 pages. Accepted by Modern Asian studies.

Chengdu Pingyuan kaogu diaochadui 成都平原国际考古调查队 The Chengdu Plain Archaeological Survey Project (Rowan K. Flad, Jiang Zhanghua 江章华; Gwen Bennett; Timothy Horsley; Chen Pochan 陈伯桢, Joshua Wright). In revision. The Songjiaheba site. To be submitted to Journal of Field Archaeology.

Other Publications:

Underhill, A., Gary Feinman, Linda Nicholas, Gwen Bennett. 1996. “Systematic regional survey in southeastern Shandong Province, China.” Society for American Archaeology Bulletin 14.4: 10-11.