Administrative Staff

Office Hours
Monday to Friday, 8:00–12:30 and 14:00–16:30
setrag.manoukian [at] (Setrag Manoukian) Professor 514-398-1336 Leacock 724


connie.digiuseppe [at] (Connie Di Giuseppe) Manager 514-398-4285 Leacock 713
Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinators:
mitali.das [at] (Mitali Das) Graduate Studies: History & Classical Studies
Undergraduate & Graduate Studies: Jewish Studies
514-398-2844 Leacock 712
olga.harmazy [at] (Olga Harmazy) Graduate Studies: Anthropology & Sociology 514-398-4300 Leacock 712
giovanna.terrasi [at] (Joanne Terrasi) Undergraduate Studies: Sociology & Anthropology 514-398-6868 Leacock 712
diana.sooklall [at] (Diana Sooklall) Undergraduate Studies: History & Classical Studies 514-398-3975 Leacock 712


erin.henson [at] (Erin Henson) Manager (Acting) 514-398-6847 Leacock 716
shameem.mooradun [at] (Shameem Mooradun) Administrative Coordinator (Acting) 514-398-6543 Leacock 717


franca.cianci [at] (Franca Cianci) Manager 514-398-6845 Leacock 719
Administrative Coordinators:
jody.anderson [at] (Jody Anderson) History and Classical Studies & Jewish Studies (on leave) 514-398-3872 Leacock 718

maria.Cappadocia [at] (Maria Cappadocia)

Anthropology & Sociology (on leave) 514-398-6848 Leacock 718
daniela.caucci [at] (Cynthia)cynthia.romanyk [at] ( Romanyk) FST 514-398-4400
ext. 094616
Leacock 715


'Who does What' by Topic


 Detailed list of 'Who does What by topic' in the Administrative Service Center, Leacock II. Please contact the Area Manager if the topic you are looking for is not listed.