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MA Courses, Gender and Women's Studies Option

The Graduate Option in Gender and Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary program for students who meet degree requirements in Anthropology (and other participating departments and faculties) and who wish to earn 6 credits of approved coursework focusing on gender and women’s studies as well as issues in feminist research and methods. The MA thesis must be on a topic centrally related to gender and/or women’s studies.

Term 1, M.A. 1: 12 credits

WMST 601 Feminist Theories and Methods (3 credits)
ANTH 6xx Complementary Course (3 credits)*
[short ANTH 694] (6 credits)

Term 2, M.A. 1: 12 credits

ANTH 6xx Complementary Course (3 credits)*
ANTH 6xx Complementary Course (3 credits)*
[short ANTH 695] (6 credits)

Term 3-4, M.A. 2: 24 credits

[short ANTH 699] (24 credits)

*The Complementary Courses include 6 credits of coursework in Anthropology at the 600 level and 3 credits of coursework at the MA level relating to gender/women’s studies, which may be taken outside the department or as Anth 615.

Please note: The Master's degree is normally considered a step towards Ph.D studies. Students are encouraged to progress rapidly in the program.