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Roger I. Cue

BSc (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) PhD (Edinburgh)
Associate Professor in Animal Breeding

roger [dot] cue [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Roger I. Cue)
Room MS1-080, Macdonald-Stewart Building
21,111 Lakeshore Road
Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Quebec H9X 3V9

Tel.: 514-398-7805
Fax: 514-398-7964


Research interests

  • My research looks at quantitative genetic variation in farm species, predominantly dairy cattle, but I am also interested in beef cattle and swine. I carry out studies using field-recorded on-farm data (e.g. from Valacta), this involves computer programming and data analyses as well as statistical analyses. Students in my lab need to be interested in computer programming, problem solving, quantitative genetics and statistical analyses, and have a background in, or develop a familiarity with, the agricultural production system relevant to their research area.
  • Associated with my interests in quantitative genetic variation in farm species, I am interested in realised and observed responses to selection in farm species as well as linear model methodology and its application to large data sets.

Potential graduate students

  • I currently have openings for M.Sc. and Ph.D. students, who have scholarships, to work on applied research projects in dairy and beef cattle.

Graduate students

  • Mr. Imran Bajwa, PhD (2013) "Genetic variability of test-day urea nitrogen and lactose in milk of Jersey, Brown Swiss and Ayrshire cattle breeds in Quebec"
  • Mr. Charles Yeboah, MSc (2009), "Genetic variability of growth curves in dairy heifers"
  • Mr. Mohammed Al-Abri, MSc (2008), "Genetic variability of clinically diagnosed health traits in dairy cattle"
  • M Frederic Fortin, MSc (2003), "A genetic evaluation of longevity in swine"
  • Mlle Annie St-Onge, MSc (2000), "Economic values and selection indices in dairy cattle"


Selected publications

Refereed journals

Bilal, G; Cue, R.I.; Mustafa, A; Hayes, J. F. 2014. Genetic parameters of individual fatty acids in milk of Canadian Holsteins. J. Dairy Science, V97:P1150-1156..

Bilal, G; Cue, R.I.; Mustafa, A; Hayes, J. F. 2014. Effects of parity, age at calving and stage of lactation on fatty acid composition of milk in Canadian Holsteins. Canadian J. Animal Science, V94:P401-410

Cue, R.I., Pietersma, D.,  Lefebvre, D., Lacroix, R., Wade, K. M., Pellerin, D., de Passillé, A-M. and Rushen, J. 2012. Growth modeling of dairy heifers in Québec based on random regression. Canadian Journal of Animal Science, 92:33-47

Santschi, D, Pellerin, D., Girard, C., Lefebvre, D., Cue, R. I. 2011. Economic effect of a short (35 d) compared to a conventional (60 d) dry period management in commercial Canadian Holstein herds. Journal of Dairy Science. V94:p4734-4743

Durr, J.W., Cue, R.I., Monardes, H.G., Moro-Mendez, J., and Wade. K.M. 2008. Milk losses associated with somatic cell counts per breed, parity and stage of lactation in Canadian dairy cattle. Livestock Science, 1117:225-232.

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Schneider, M. del P., Durr, J.W., Cue, R.I., and Monardes, H.G. 2003. Impact of type traits on functional herd life of Quebec Holsteins assessed by survival analysis. J. Dairy Science, 86:4083-4089.

Abstracts and presentations

Cue, R. I., Wade, K. M., Delgado, H., Lacroix, R., Lefebvre, D.,  Sewalem, A., Bouchard, E., Dubuc, J.,  Haine, D. An initial study of the economic values of dairy cattle traits in Canadian Holsteins estimated using random regression models.  10th World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production. 17th-21st August 2014, Vancouver, Canada.

M. Duplessis, R. Lacroix, R. I. Cue, D. E. Santschi, and D. M. Lefebvre. Weight, height and relative accuracy indicators as a management tool for reducing age at first breeding and calving of dairy heifers. ADSA July 20-24, 2014, Kansas City, Missouri

H. Delgado, R. I. Cue, A. Sewalem, R. Lacroix, D. Lefebvre, E. Bouchard,  K.M.Wade The impact of selected milking, feeding, and housing management systems on the profitability of Quebec dairy herds. ADSA July 20-24, 2014, Kansas City, Missouri

Delgado, H., Haine, D., Cue, R. I., Sewalem, A., Lacroix, R., Lefebvre, D., Dubuc, J.,Bouchard, E., et Wade, K. M. La rentabilité des troupeaux laitiers au Québec. Forum Technologique Novalait, 28 mai, 2014, Drummondville.

Haine, D., J. Arsenault, J. Carrier, R. I. Cue, K. Wade, D. Lefebvre, É. Bouchard et J. Dubuc.
Impact des maladies sur le risque individuel de réforme des vaches laitières et sur le taux de réforme des troupeaux laitiers, Congrès de l’Ordre des médecins vétérinaires du Québec, St- Hyacinthe, Québec, 9 novembre 2013.

H. Delgado, R.I. Cue, A. Sewalem, R. Lacroix, D. Lefebvre, E. Bouchard, J. Dubuc, K.Wade : Visualisation des courbes de rentabilité à vie des bovins laitiers du Québec. Symposium sur les bovins laitiers. October 30, 2013, Drummondville

Cue, R. I. Genetic correlations amongst body weight, fat yield, protein yield and body condition score in Ayrshire cows. 9th World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production. 1st-6th August 2010, Leipzig, Germany.

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Molento, C.F.M., Block, E., Cue, R.I., Lacasse, P., and Petitclerc. P. Effects of Insulin, Somatotropin and their interaction on dry matter intake and fat metabolism in lactating dairy cows. 39th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society of Animal Science. 29 July-1st August 2002, Recife, Brazil.

Fortin, F. and Cue, R.I. A genetic study of longevity in swine. ADSA-ASAS-CSAS Joint Meeting, Quebec City, July 21-25, 2002