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McGill Anesthesia Newsletter

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Download available issues (PDF versions of all previous issues will soon be available):

Newsline Winter 2007
[Winter07A.pdf - PDF - 7.08 MB]
Sally Weeks, Award of Excellence; Staff vs. Residents Soccer game; Welcome Party, The Millenial Generation; CME Update; Anesthesia Technology; Dr. Alejandro Jadad, Wesley Bourne Visiting Professor; In Memoriam: Andy Mungall, Tribute to Robert Bourne, Ron Stephen; Albert Carli: Award of Excellence, Rwanda Experience

Newsline Summer 2006
[NewslineSummer2006.pdf - PDF - 4.42 MB]
J.W. Sandison Award- K. Krnjevic Award- Residents Corner- Congrat's R5s Szeto Allard Nice Siddiqui Olivieri Bird- Loretta Carli Award- V. Collard New Chief Resident- Welcome New Fellows- Bromage Day- Sandison Day- Anesthesia Update- Pain Day- 21st H. R. Griffith Lecture- Farewell Dolores Kumps-2005 Publications- In Memoriam- M. Gertel- Welcome New People

Newsline Summer 2004
[Summer2004.pdf - PDF - 964.54 KB]
New Anesthesia Chairman, Residents' Corner, New Program Director, K.Krnjevice Research Award, Bromage Research Day, Sandison Education Day, Pediatric Lecture, McGill Pain Day, Pediatric Chair Announcement, Harold Griffith Lecture, Tribute to Richard Wahba, Montreal Children's Hospital Centennial, Vestiges by Dr. William McIlvaine

Newsline Winter 2003
[Winter2003.pdf - PDF - 3.93 MB]
Deirdre MM Gillies Teaching Award, Irene Assimes Outstanding Medical Student Award, McGill Anesthesia Update, What's New in Anesthesia Technology by Diane Soulière, XXV Journée D'Éducation Médicale - AAQ, Harold Griffith Symposium, Citation Classics by Terence J. Coderre, Hyman B. Brock Lecturers, Wesley Bourne Lecturers, Wesley Bourne Memorial Lecture and Dinner, Profile on Research Dr. Alain Deschamps, Foundings of MUHC Pain Centre by Ann Gamsa, Clinical Investigator Track in Anesthesia Residency by Fernando Cervero, McGill Anesthesia in Local Press, Publications 2002, Memories of McGill by Enrique Perez Riera, In Memoriam Mrs. Margaret Jean Bromage

Newsline Summer 2003
[summer_2003.pdf - PDF - 5.58 MB]
1st K Krnjevic Anesthesia Research Award for Trainees, John W. Sandison Award Outstanding Resident, Harold Griffith Memorial Lecture/Dinner, Philip R. Bromage Research Day, Joint Pediatric Lecture, McGill Pain Day, Anesthesia Update, In Memoriam (Col. John Bourne, Dr. Nassif Mechaalani, Dr. Pierre Limoges, Dr. Harold T. Davenport), JW Sandison Research Fund in Nepal

Newsline: Winter 2002
[Newsline-Winter2002.pdf - PDF - 2.85 MB]
Newsline: Deirdre MM Gillies Award of Teaching Excellence, Welcome Dr. Fernando Cervero, Wesley Bourne Memorial Lecture and Dinner, Farewell Dr. Rafla, Welcome Drs Y. Shir, I. Lakheeram, I. Kaufman, A. Owen, Xi Hong, P. Plaisance, F. Ramadori, S. Flatters, Helping to Develop Anesthesia in Nepal by TJ McCaughey, Anesthesia Technology - RT Cocktail Party, Memories of McGill by Dr. Ralph Lattermann, McGill Anesthesia 50 years ago by Dr. Harold T. Davenport

Newsline: Summer 2002

Newsline: Winter 2001

Newsline: Summer 2001

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