Who Can Apply


There are two different ways that Fellows can apply:

  1. Regular Track Fellowship Program

    These positions are open to Canadian and International applicants. All applicants must be graduates of a medical school listed in the Faimer directory.  In addition, all applicants must be graduates of an anesthesia program that was of three or more years duration and have obtained a specialty certificate in anesthesia. Although funding is not required to apply for these fellowships, applicants with outside source of funding will be given preference. It is important to note that self-funding is not accepted.

  2. RAMQ Funded Fellowships

    If you are an applicant who has completed Residency training in Quebec, you may apply for a RAMQ funded fellowship. Although the fellowship positions are the same, the application process differs from the Regular Track Fellowship Program. If you think you are eligible for a RAMQ Funded Fellowship, please contact Sandra Cardoso directly at sandra.cardoso [at] muhc.mcgill.ca. Anybody who does not meet the requirements for RAMQ Funded Fellowships must apply through the Regular Track Fellowship Program.

 Fellowships Offered