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Pain Research Awards

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Louise Edwards Award in Pain Research
Special Grant from Louise Edwards Foundation

Louise Edwards Awards in Pain Research

Call for Grant Applications

The Louise Edwards Foundation, the Quebec Pain Research Initiative (QPRI) and the McGill Centre for Research on Pain (MCRP) invite applications from Principal Investigators at Quebec universities to submit applications for funding of research on pain. Several types of funding are available and total funding available for this call is more than $200,000.

Types of Awards:

Research Awards of up to $40,000/year for one year

Special grants from the Louise Edwards Foundation for up to $50,000/year for 2 years to support innovative research projects, particularly those with clear applicability to improving patient treatment

Application procedures:

  1. 1) Principal Investigators (PIs) must be members of the partner research networks with a track record in pain and/or have a regular or adjunct appointment at McGill University and/or institutions of the MUHC.
  2. 2) Submit a proposal of up to three single-spaced pages (plus references) describing the research hypothesis, methods, experimental plan and significance, including how it will advance the field and/or the career development of trainees supported by the project.
  3. 3) Submit a detailed budget and a summary of other funding. In cases of overlap with other funds, a clear explanation of the value-added by this award must be provided. Budgets can include salary for trainees, research associates or equivalent, materials and supplies. PI salaries, travel and computer equipment are not eligible, due to the program guidelines of the respective partner organizations.
  4. 4) Submit a CV of the Principal Investigator.

Applications will be reviewed by an external peer-review committee.

Applications that meet the prerequisites for the special grant from the Louise Edwards Foundation will be invited to submit a more detailed proposal (see below).

Announcement: 01 May 2004
Submission: 01 July 2004
Start of awards: 01 September 2004

Application should be emailed as a single, consolidated e-file to: anna [dot] vitale [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Anna Vitale). Questions may be sent to the same address.

Partners in this program:

Quebec Pain Research Initiative, McGill Centre for Research on Pain, FRSQ Neuroscience and Mental Health Network, FRSQ Oral Health Network, AstraZeneca R&D Montreal, Louise Edwards Foundation, MUHC Pain Centre

Special grant from the Louise Edwards Foundation

The Louise Edwards Foundation Pain Research Grants Program invites applications from Principle Investigators who have regular appointments at McGill University or any of the institutions of the MUHC. Research support of a maximum of $50,000/ year for a maximum of 2 years is to be awarded. One 2-year grant will be awarded the first year, with an additional grant awarded each year.

Louise Edwards Foundation Pain Research Grants Program


The Louise Edwards Foundation promotes basic and clinical pain research at McGill University and the MUHC. Its Research Grants Program aims to stimulate basic and clinical pain research amongst the McGill, MUHC, and Montreal communities in particular, and throughout Quebec in general. The Foundation supports all areas of basic and clinical research, but its primary focus is on research that will have an impact on the clinical care of pain patients. The Foundation hopes that its Research Grants will encourage innovate work that will pave the way for more extensive research programs funded by other sources (e.g., CIHR, NIH). The Foundation is especially interested in supporting young researchers and researchers who have recently developed an interest in pain.

Grant policies

  1. Principal Investigators (PIs) should have a regular or adjunct appointment at McGill University and/or institutions of the MUHC.
  2. Collaborations with other institutions are encouraged, with special preference given to collaborations with investigators at the University of Montreal and its associated hospital system (CHUM) or other Universities in Quebec.
  3. Preference will be accorded to research, basic or clinical, that the Foundation believes will lead to improved clinical care.
  4. Preference will be given to applications involving young researchers and researchers who have recently developed an interest in pain.
  5. Support will be for a maximum of $50,000/year for a period of two years. The second year of a multi-year grant is contingent on the Foundation’s approval of a Progress Report that is to be submitted by the Principle Investigator 60 days prior to the grant’s first anniversary.
  6. No support will be given to support a PI’s salary.
  7. Grant applications will be reviewed by the Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board.


Submit an initial application through the process described above. Selected applicants will be asked to submit a final, detailed application (not to exceed 12 single-spaced pages; not counting references or illustrations) describing hypothesis, methods, and experimental plan.