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To improve quality of life for people living with chronic pain

After your initial meetings at the McGill University Health Centre's Pain Centre, staff members may feel that you would benefit from participating in our program. This program for chronic pain patients is designed to help you maximize your enjoyment in life, as well as improve your ability to do the activities that mean the most to you.

The program consists of nine weekly 3-hour group meetings, as well as a group follow-up held one month after the last one.

Specific goals of the program include:

(1) Learning effective management skills for dealing with pain and distress
(2) Increasing your daily activity with minimal increase in pain
(3) Recognizing and accepting that you must play an active role in improving your quality of life
(4) Improving communication with family, friends, and health professionals
(5) Learning about what causes chronic pain and why it’s so difficult to simply "make it go away"

For more information contact us at the Pain Centre at 514-934-8222