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Facilities & Statistics

Staff (both sites RVH & MGH):

-5 Anesthetists
-1 Family physician
-1 Rheumatologist
-1 Clinical Fellow
-3 Nurses
-2 Psychologists
-2 Physiotherapists
-3 Secretaries
-Residents from Anesthesia and other services
-Pending: certified physicians from other services (e.g. neurosurgery, palliative care medicine)

Facilities (MGH Only):

The MUHC Pain Centre consists of a newly renovated clinic of 12 rooms on the 19th Floor of the Montreal General Hospital (E19-128) and one OR room per day for invasive procedures.

Number of Patients Treated in 2002/2003 (RVH & MGH sites):

-In hospital consults (Oncology, Medicine, etc): >700
-Patients treated with IV PCA (surgical only): >2400
-Patients treated with epidural catheters (surgical only): >1000
-Patients treated with continual perpheral blocks (MGH only): >45
-Out-patient visits: Steady increase in number of visits from around 1200 patients in 1997 to >3800 patients expected in 2003

Invasive Procedures Expected in 2002/2003 (MGH only):

-At the OR: 615
-At the Clinic: 660