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MUHC Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit

Welcome to the MUHC Alan Edwards Pain Managment Unit

McGill University Health Centre
Montreal General Hospital Site
1650 Cedar Ave
Room E19-128
Montreal (Quebec) H3G 1A4
Tel: (514)934-8222
Fax: (514)934-8096

The MUHC Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit is staffed by dedicated professionals committed to alleviating pain and suffering by means of the following activities:
1. Pain treatment programs for patients
2. Research into pain
3. Educational programs for clinicians and scientists


Our multidisciplinary treatment team is staffed by specialists in pain from different disciplines: anaesthesia, family medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, nursing, physiotherapy, psychiatry, psychology, and rheumatology. The emphasis is on the combined efforts of the treatment team in collaboration with the patient.

All patients must be referred to the Pain Centre by a doctor. After initial assessment, patients follow a multidisciplinary treatment plan over a three to six month period. At the end of this time, patients return to their referring doctor or family physician with a discharge letter summarizing treatments tried at the Pain Centre and offering recommendations for continued care.


The Pain Centre is currently involved in many research projects to extend our understanding of pain and to improve our methods for relieving it. There are many collaborators in these projects including scientists and clinicians from McGill and the MUHC, as well as other universities and hospitals in the Montreal area.


Our educational programmes for scientists and clinicians aim to disseminate information, provide a forum for exchange of ideas, and offer learning opportunities in pain treatment. Programmes include Rounds (regular presentations from September to May), workshops for family physicians, and residency and psychology internship programmes. Individual staff members also teach in a variety of courses and programmes.

Fellowships in Chronic Pain

For more information about the types of Fellowships available go to:
Chronic Pain Fellowship