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Teaching Assistants


The Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology offers more than 25 TA positions per term.  Teaching Assistant positions at McGill are unionized. For more information about the TA union please visit the AGSEM website (http://www.agsem-aeedem.ca/).

The full list of available positions, job descriptions and required qualifications will be posted on the CAPS website (http://www.mcgill.ca/caps).

The hourly rates are:

  • $25.74 as of January 1, 2012
  • $26.51 as of January 1, 2013
  • $26.83 as of January 1, 2014

These rates include 4% vacation pay.  As per the Collective Agreement, 2.5% union dues will be withheld by AGSEM.

Posting Periods

  • April 15 for Fall and Full Year courses
  • October 15 for Winter courses

The positions are posted for a period of 30 days.  For available TA positions please go to the CAPS website (https://csm-caps.mcgill.ca/students/index.php?cck=1&au=&ck=).



In order to apply for the positions, please log in on the CAPS website (https://csm-caps.mcgill.ca/students/index.php?cck=1&au=&ck=) and submit your application on-line.  Please make sure to fill out all required documents and upload them together with your application.  If you encounter any problems or if you have any questions related to the on-line application process, please contact CAPS desk service (http://www.mcgill.ca/caps/contact/).


Please note that Teaching Assistantships are open only to currently registered graduate McGill students.


Workload Forms

According to the new regulations, every course coordinator must meet with his/her TAs and discuss the workload as well as detailed functions that the student will be performing during his/her appointment.  The workload form should be signed by the instructor and the student before the end of the Add/Drop period.  All later changes made to the agreement between the course instructor and the student should be included in the revised workload form and resubmitted.  The student and the instructor should keep one copy each; one copy will be filed in the student employee record and another will be sent to Human Resources.


Documents and Forms (Format: pdf)



For more information please contact:

Rachel Schafts 

Tel: 514-398-8496

email:rachel [dot] schafts [at] mcgill [dot] ca