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Lab 1:

40 workstations for practice and teaching
1 instructor workstation
Mounted video projector and speakers

Lab 2:

21 workstations for drop-in practice (no reservation required)
Mounted video projector and speakers

Lab 3:

35 workstations
1 instructor workstation
Traditional and multimedia classroom
Video projector, VCR and DVD player on mobile trolley

Course materials available in all three labs:

CAN8: After an in-depth review of several systems, the Steering Committee concluded that CAN8 was the most suited to the needs of AMLF users. CAN8 supported all the languages concerned, seemed the most satisfactory for oral work for language learners, and, last but not least, was the most user-friendly.

CAN8 provides instructors with the means to create their own course material for language learning, through the use of audio, graphics, sound, and text in a multimedia-based environment. New material can be continually added, tailored to students' levels and needs.

KEY: allows students to type and read in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages.

MSOffice 2010: allows students to do assignments for their language courses, and thereby to learn word-processing, spreadsheet, database, and graphic design skills.

Le réviseur: enables students to correct and improve their French writing skills.

myCourses: Many language teachers complement their in-class teaching and laboratory oral work programme with written teaching materials supported by myCourses. This is a Web browser-based course management system, and it allows them to make available, via the Web, not only the usual course hand-outs and calendars, but also reading materials, exercises and web links of cultural and linguistic interest. Thanks to myCourses, collaborative learning is enhanced through online class discussions, and communication between the teacher and the group or individual students is ensured through an integrated e-mail system. As language is communication, language teachers target all possibilities for interactivity, including the development of written materials.

Printer: The AMLF is equipped with a uPrint printer.