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Lab 1:

40 workstations for practice and teaching
1 instructor workstation
Mounted video projector and speakers

Lab 2:

21 workstations for drop-in practice (no reservation required)
Mounted video projector and speakers

Lab 3:

35 workstations
1 instructor workstation
Traditional and multimedia classroom
Video projector, VCR and DVD player on mobile trolley

Portable Recording Studio (for language instructors who create audio-visual materials for their classes):

1 laptop computer with additional monitor and speakers
Avid Media Composer non-linear video editing system
Avid Pro Tools digital audio workstation
Adobe CS6 Master Collection
High-quality still camera with tripod (also takes video)
High-quality microphone with pop filter and acoustic enclosure

Microlab (688 Sherbrooke, rm. 317):

5 computers for instructors
Colour printer


Course materials available in all three labs:

CAN-8: The CAN-8 VirtuaLab is an integrated suite of network-based products that focuses on oral production by students for the purpose of language learning, assessment, or pronunciation coaching.  For more information, visit: http://www.can8.com  IMPORTANT: for home use, you MUST download the CAN-8 software from the AMLF website; if you download it from anywhere else, including the CAN-8 website, it will not work.

KEY 2011: a teaching and learning tool for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.  Includes word processing, dictionaries, and text to speech.

Chinese Plus/Speech Plus/Pen Plus: a suite of tools for learning Chinese.  Includes word processing, text to speech, handwriting recognition, and OCR.

MSOffice 2013: allows students to do assignments for their language courses, and thereby to learn word-processing, spreadsheet, database, and graphic design skills.

Antidote: a complete set of software reference tools for writing in French.  Includes dictionaries, guides, and illustrations.

Le Petit Robert: a French Dictionary.

Le correcteur bilingue v.2.0: tools to help perfect written English and French.  Includes dictionaries, guides, and translation tools.

myCourses: Many language teachers complement their in-class teaching and laboratory oral work programme with written teaching materials supported by myCourses. This is a Web browser-based course management system, and it allows them to make available, via the Web, not only the usual course hand-outs and calendars, but also reading materials, exercises and web links of cultural and linguistic interest. Thanks to myCourses, collaborative learning is enhanced through online class discussions, and communication between the teacher and the group or individual students is ensured through an integrated e-mail system. As language is communication, language teachers target all possibilities for interactivity, including the development of written materials.

Printer: The AMLF is equipped with a uPrint printer.

Rosetta Stone: this program is available on one station in Lab 2, with courses in French, Spanish, German and Italian. Spaces are limited. For more information, or to request permission to use the system, please enquire by michael [dot] butler [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email.)


Additional resources for instructors can be found on Office 365.  If you don't have access privileges for the site, you may use the pop-up window to request access, or send an email michael [dot] butler [at] mcgill [dot] ca (subject: AMLF%3A%20restricted%20site%20access%20request) (here).

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Here are the steps for adjusting record levels for CAN-8 under Windows 7:
Setting Your Record Levels [.pdf]


Here are the keyboard shortcuts for the keyboard layout found at the AMLF:
Canadian Multilingual Keyboard Layout [.pdf]