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Paulina Mickiewicz

Paulina Mickiewicz is a Ph.D. candidate in the Communication Studies department at McGill University. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and English Cultural Studies from McGill University and a Master’s degree in French Cultural Studies from Columbia University. Her dissertation “The Bias of Libraries: Montreal’s Grande Bibliothèque” considers the role that the library plays as a communications medium and cultural technology in a period when emerging digital and network media are destabilizing traditional notions of libraries and their role as democratic, public institutions. More specifically, her research is centered on the Grande Bibliothèque du Québec, which opened in Montreal in the spring of 2005. Her research interests include new and emergent media technologies, library design and architecture, cultural institutions and urban life, and the digitization of cultural heritage and memory. She has recently published two articles, “Knowledge Experiments: Technology and the Library in Revue Intermédialités, and “Google Books vs. The Library: Shaping Choice, Creating Publics” in Seachange Journal. During her time at McGill, Paulina has been the recipient of, among others, an FQRSC Doctoral Fellowship, an H. Anthony Hampson Award from the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, a Wolfe Graduate Fellowship, and a Faculty of Arts Graduate Teaching Award.