Course lecturer positions | Winter 2018 | ARTH 353, ARTH 420, COMS 425


McGill University

Department of Art History and Communication Studies

Winter 2018 Course Lecturers – Job Posting 3


The Department of Art History and Communication Studies invites applications for Course Lecturers to teach a course during winter 2018.

Please note that Course Lecturers have signed their first Collective Agreement on 30 October 2015, available at

Should you wish to apply for the position listed below, please email your complete application file to the following persons :

Proposals for co-teaching will also be considered.

Posting date : October 1st, 2017

Posting period :  October 1st to October 16th, 2017

Application deadline :  October 23rd, 2017


Application file :

  • All candidates :
  • For candidates who have previously taught in the Department :
    • Curriculum vitae;
    • International applicants :  submission of Work Permit is not required, unless the Work Permit has expired.
  • For new candidates :
    • Curriculum vitae;
    • International applicants :  copy of your Work Permit.


Salary : $8,220.00


Teaching Qualification Requirements (TQRs) for Art History Courses:

  • Ph.D. or ABD Ph.D. candidate in Art History. 
  • Some teaching experience in Art History is an asset.


Teaching Qualification Requirements (TQRs) for Communication Studies Courses:

  • Ph.D. or ABD Ph.D. candidate in Communication Studies. 
  • Some teaching experience in Communication Studies is an asset.



Positions available :

Explanation of course levels : 200-level courses are introductory surveys of the area.300-level courses offer intermediate-level explorations of their subject areas.400-level courses are advances, intensive seminar explorations of a specialized area or special topics courses, depending on the course number.


  • ARTH 353 (CRN 16869 – 3 credits) –  Selected Topics in Art History 1
  • Schedule:
  • January 8th to April 16th, 2018
  • Tuesdays, Thursday, from 2:35 p.m. to 3:55 p.m.
  • Location: ARTS W-215
  • Course description :    Study of a special field in the History of Art and Architecture taught by a visiting scholar.



  • ARTH 420 (CRN 13879 – 3 credits) –  Selected Topics in Art and Architecture 1
  • Schedule:
  • January 8th to April 16th, 2018
  • Mondays from 11:35 a.m. to 2:25 p.m.
  • Location: ARTS W-5
  • Course description :    An advanced study of selected topics in the History of Art and Architecture.





  • COMS 425 (CRN 15150 - 3 credits) – Urban Culture & Everyday Life
  • Schedule :
  • January 8th to April 16th, 2018
  • Wednesdays, from 2:35 p.m. to 5:25 p.m.
  • Location: ARTS W-220
  • Course description :    Explores how popular and artistic cultural texts interrogate the dimensions of urban culture that shape everyday life, such as transnationalization/ globalization; gentrification, migration and other displacements; the proliferation of mobile media and communication technologies; and the political mobilization of fear and anxiety about violence and terrorism.




Sept. 29, 2017