Media Resource Center


The Media Resource Center (MRC), located on the second floor of the Ferrier building, is a unit mandated to acquire and provide access to images of art, architecture and other information to professors and students in the Faculty of Arts for teaching, research and study purposes. It currently maintains a growing collection of over 180,000 slides, 10,000 digital images, and dozens of art-related videos and dvds. These collections are variously classified and cataloged and they form the basis for teaching in the department and are also used by students and professors in other departments in the Faculty of Arts. The MRC further provides equipment, technical and other services and support for delivering lectures and presentations using various media in the Department's lecture hall and seminar rooms.

Digital Images

With support from the Arts Undergraduate Society, the McGill Associates, and the Royal Bank Teaching and Learning Improvement Fund, the MRC has designed and implemented a web-based digital image management system to facilitate the teaching needs of faculty and the learning needs of students. The contents of the system are continually updated to reflect faculty teaching needs and research interests, and from the same interface, the image database may be searched, image sets saved, and websites for classroom and/or study purposes automatically generated from the search results. Text pages and files in various formats may be included in the websites, and the system also allows for the development of personal image collections.

Please note that the images presented may be copyrighted by various sources, and use is limited to study for courses at McGill University. By accessing the database, users agree to abide by these conditions.

Requests for access to the system, to have content added, or for further information regarding the use of images and other media in the classroom may be directed to the matthew.dupuis [at] (Visual Resources Curator) .


The MRC continues to support the use of slides during the current period of transition to digital media. Users may consult the collection to borrow slides for teaching or to have them scanned if copyright conditions warrant it. To book an appointment to see the collection, please contact the matthew.dupuis [at] (Visual Resources Curator) .

Equipment and Services

Laptops may be available for AHCS graduate students for presentations depending upon availability and students are advised to book at least a week ahead of time. Digital and analog projectors are available as is a visual presenter (the digital equivalent of an overhead projector).

The MRC also has slide and book scanners and provides scanning services for materials to be added to the digital image management system and for other purposes if time permits. Students may make an appointment to use the equipment themselves. Copystand photography for slide production may also be provided.


Visual Resources Curator:
Caitlin Loney
Office: Ferrier building room 229; Phone: (514) 398-4998; caitlin.loney [at] (Email) .